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6 Reasons Why You Need a Coach in Order to Coach

As soon as you think you’ve found your passion in life, your mind switches completely towards another direction. Although you’re guilty of changing your path all too often, you think you have figured out exactly what you want to do. You have always been a huge fan of helping
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How You Can Adapt Your Life and Your Time When Returning to Further Education

Education isn’t just for the young. In fact, more and more mature students are choosing to reenter education to help them further their careers and even break into a new field.
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Busy at Work and at Home: Organizing the Work/Life Balance

Being a self-made business woman is such a rewarding job. Every success is celebrated, every new task or responsibility is relished. One question every self-made business woman is sick of hearing, though, is the dreaded “how do you juggle it all?”. The only thing more grating than that question
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Improve Your Work-Life Balance Today

When it comes to our life, work is something that takes over a lot of other things that are going on in our lives. It consumes our days, and is something that we do more than anything else.
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Can You Live an Entrepreneurial Lifestyle in the Countryside?

A lot of people assume that to become an entrepreneur, you need to be living in a city. They feel that you need to have close connections with big companies and that you need to be living in a reputable part of the world in order to be taken
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4 Reasons to Always Do Things That You Find Meaningful

Everyone wants to have a successful and uplifting life, with a good amount of disposable income, a sense of reliably “climbing the ladder” in a given field, and the opportunity to have a few material comforts, as well.
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How to Keep Yourself Healthy When Running a Business

Running a business can be difficult to do when you’re trying to stay fit and healthy at the same time. Not to mention that you need to find time for a social life too! So here are a few tips to keep yourself healthy when running a business.
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Why Challenging Yourself Is Important in Business

Being challenged is something we get in many aspects of our lives, and it can be really helpful in learning more about yourself and what you’re capable of. When it comes to business, challenges are great, and here’s why.
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Seven New Year’s Resolutions to Make You a More Productive Adult

There comes a point in everyone’s lives that they realize they are not being the best that they could be. Adulting is not easy, and between trying to get the right foot in the door of the right employer and actually being able to have a work/life balance, adulting
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7 Steps for Making Your New Year Resolutions Stick

Are you planning on ringing in 2020 – a new decade – with a new resolve to lose weight, quit smoking, exercise more, have a more positive attitude towards life? Perhaps these resolutions sound familiar. Maybe they are the same ones that you have been making for the past
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