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Yes, You Can Afford Your Very Own Home (Just Be Sure to Follow the Tips Below)

For many buying their own home seems like an unattainable dream. Yet it really is possible to become a property owner. Read on to find out how.  Don’t change your job too close to your application for a mortgage Getting a mortgage can be a bit of a challenge,
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How to Effectively Get a Mortgage

If you are in the process of starting your home buying process, you may need a mortgage. The word itself can stir up some emotions of dread as the process of getting approved can be arduous and there is a lot of paperwork to handle. Getting a mortgage can
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6 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Your First Mortgage

With all of the talk about adjustable rate mortgages, interest only mortgages and other mortgage types, it can be easy to forget that getting your first mortgage isn’t always a smooth process. In fact, it’s often a confusing process that can involve a lot of legal and financial jargon.
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5 Ways to Handle Your Debt When You Have No Options Left

If you owe more than you make and the debt is becoming unmanageable, it’s time to take action. The average Canadian family now owes $1.78 for every dollar of disposable income, compared to 66 cents in 1980. Overall, household debt has risen 54% in the past decade to $2.2
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2 Tips to Avoid Getting Into Debt

People all over the world are struggling with debt, and it can really hinder your enjoyment in life. No one wants to live paycheck to paycheck, and sometimes there’s no real choice when it comes to getting into debt. However, the longer you’re without debt, the better chance you
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Building Business Credit and Why It Matters

Credit is used by businesses just as readily as it’s used by individuals. Just as you, as an individual, have a credit score that is used by lenders to see which loans and credit agreements you are considered trustworthy enough to apply for, the same is true for your
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Tackling Debt: How to Prevent Your Situation From Spiralling

More than 50% of UK adults started 2020 in debt, with over 5 million people owing over £10,000 in non-mortgage debt. The trouble with being in debt is that it’s very easy to lose control. Once you start borrowing and accruing interest and you resort to using credit cards,
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Is It Ever Worth Borrowing for Your Business?

Running a business can be a pricey affair, with just about everything you do with your venture costing you something. Even when you’re working extremely hard to cut costs and reduce your spending, it will feel just about impossible to achieve these goals when you’re first starting out.
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7 Ways a Debt Collection Agency Can Strengthen Your Business

Whether you’re running a small business or a large company, there will always be moments when you’ll encounter overdue accounts. In times like these, how you choose to deal with those accounts can make or break your business. Letting a debt go unpaid for too long can negatively affect
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Looking for a Start-Up Loan for Your Business? Here’s 2 Alternatives to Traditional Lenders

Inevitably, nearly all businesses will need to look at outside support when first beginning their business venture. However, borrowing money when you are in an established business is never an easy process, so you can only imagine how much difficult it is for those looking to get started in
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