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What Happens to Your Home After Retirement?

When it comes to retirement, the American population is dividing. Many want to remain active for as long as possible, while a growing proportion of the population would prefer to retire as early as possible to enjoy their free time. Regardless of your choice, retirement is something you need
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Goal Setting for Your Retirement

The sooner you start planning for your retirement, the easier it is to meet your goals. Knowing what you want to achieve in later life might be a bit beyond you right now but even if you have no idea where you will be next week, never mind in
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Ways You Can Stay Busy in Retirement

Retirement is something that a lot of people look forward to. It is their reward from 40+ years of hard work. However, others are worried about what retirement can bring. If you’re used to working all week, the thought of doing nothing can be scary. If this sounds familiar,
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Retired Girls Can Still Do Business! Ways to Help the Next Generation with Your Valuable Skills and Expertise

With decades of valuable experience, for many women, the act of retiring is something they approach with apprehension, especially if they are yet unwilling to give it all up and stop working altogether. Having coached many women looking to get back into the business world after taking up retirement
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Heading Towards Retirement? Have You Made Sure All Your Needs Will Be Met?

When speaking to a number of retirement age clients over the years, one thing I have noticed is how unprepared those people feel when they reach the final stages of their working life. A big fear for most people at this point is purely financial. Understandably, retirement brings about
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