Alternatives to Interruptive Marketing You Should Be Considering

Getting your message heard and putting your brand in the minds of your consumer might be your number one priority. You might even be willing to get a little in-your-face about it, to get noticed even if it’s not in the cleanest or most comforting of ways.

However, while interruptive marketing can work in getting you noticed, it’s not the only way to market. There are methods that can get you the attention that you need, but without giving your customer any reason to dislike how you go about it.

What Is Interruptive Marketing?

First of all, it’s important to define what we’re talking about and why it’s worth looking at alternatives. Interruptive or interruption/interrupt marketing describes the most common form of marketing. For instance, advertisements interrupt the consumer by popping up on their screen while they’re trying to make use of a website. If it gets in the way of a customer’s journey, wherever they are, it’s interruptive marketing and it tends to turn people away especially on the internet where non-intrusive messaging allows for a smoother, more efficient customer experience.

Get Your Leads Organically

Organic marketing, or permission marketing, is largely considered the alternative to interruptive marketing. It’s all about reaching the audience who is most likely to be specifically looking for the kind of services, products, and information that you provide. One of the most widely known ways to do that, right now, is to use search engine optimization services such as Blue Tree. With SEO, you’re ensuring that potential clients see your website based on their search results, i.e., stuff that they’re actively looking for. As such, when they see your website at the top of the search engine results page, they’re more likely to believe that it’s more relevant to their search intent than if you had a video that randomly popped up while they were trying to watch something on YouTube.

Say What They Want to Hear

You don’t have to always directly market your services up-front to your customers, either. You can also market the expertise and solutions that might lead them to then become customers. Demonstrating your industry knowledge through content marketing has become one of the most widely effective marketing strategies employed by online companies at the moment. By producing informative, educational, and newsworthy content that’s relevant to your business, you can show your brand’s strengths to the consumer. You can also write content that frames your products and services as solutions to certain pain points in the consumer’s life. Advertisements do this too, but content marketing is all about framing it in a much more natural way.

Make Sure You Have an Excellent Website

Search engine optimization and content marketing are both parts of the overall puzzle. However, both should serve the part of your marketing strategy that will be doing the bulk of your lifting. We are talking, of course, about creating a great business website. You need to focus on navigation and the placement of content, to make sure that the route to finding what your customer wants to see is as easy as can be. Furthermore, you should work to make sure that your website has as few pop-ups as possible during their visit. Try visiting your website from a new computer, thinking like a visitor, and see what elements get in the way of their journey so you can consider whether or not you should get rid of them.

Put the Ball in Their Court

One way to get off on the wrong foot, especially when reaching out to qualified leads, is to try and get them to answer immediately. Even if you’re simply asking them to call back or schedule a chat, people don’t like being thrown off guard and not having the time to consider their options, meaning they will decline most of the time. Whether you’re trying to convert them or simply trying to get them to engage with your sales and marketing team, ringless voicemail from teams like Drop Cowboy can be more effective. You can reach out directly to them, but give them the opportunity to respond to the message when they like. It’s also a lot less likely to get filtered out of their sight than email.

Get a Little Help From Your Friends

As mentioned, content marketing has become one of the most popular ways to reach an audience organically, framing the solutions that your business offers in a much more organic way. However, you don’t always have to produce or present that content yourself. Influencer marketing could allow you to reach your audience through an independent third-party who can vouch for your brand, lending it a certain validation that can be difficult to earn on your own. Influencer marketing teams like August United could potentially help you form the partnerships that allow your business to stand out because of who vouches for it, not just what it does. A signal boost from the right people can make all the difference.

Word-Of-Mouth Still Remains Top

Influencer marketing is all about using the signal boosting power of people who have an audience and clout online. However, when it comes to building leads, there are still few methods that work as fast or as effectively as word-of-mouth. People trust the recommendations of those in their life, and starting a referral program in your business can help you capitalize on that trust. In a less direct way, you should also be trying to build your social media presence, online reviews, and testimonials. All of these can create a positive social proof around your business that wins new clients and customers. When people see a lot of other people supporting a business, they tend to assume that said business is worth supporting.

A successful marketing campaign isn’t just about getting noticed. It’s about building a reputation and a rapport with your customers that allows them to feel comfortable doing business with you. To that end, interruptive marketing can spoil your relationship from the start, so finding alternatives is always recommended.

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