Tips on Upgrading Your Property

If you are thinking of moving over the next year or two, now is the perfect time to consider making changes to your home in order to add value. Depending on the changes you would like to make, some will take longer than others, so in order to have them all completed in time, the sooner you start the better. 

What changes you make will very much depend on the type of home you have and the budget you are willing to spend on making the changes. If you have a garage, turning that into an extra room can add a lot of value but it will cost initially. Updating your interiors could be an effective way to add value, you could add a wood grille or update your walls. Other ways to add value can be by increasing your living space by adding a conservatory or updating your garden space. 

If you are after any inspiration on the changes you can make, take a look on Instagram or  Pinterest as other influencers may have done the same changes as you and can give you some advice. Below are some of our top tips on updating your property, ideal for when you feel it’s time to move. 

Turn Your Garage Into an Additional Room

Do you have a garage in your current home? This could be the perfect place to start when trying to add value to a home. What many people do is turn their garage into an additional room. This could be a bedroom, a study or a games room if it’s big enough. Adding another room, it will turn your home from a 3-bed property to a 4-bed which can be more appealing. When people are viewing, they don’t have to use the room as you are, instead, they can switch things up to something that benefits them which could increase the likelihood of you selling faster. 

Start to Modernize Your Garden

When was the last time you did some work on your garden? Your garden can have a big impact on the value of your property, so when done right, can benefit you hugely. Make sure the hedges aren’t overgrown and that the grass is cut. The more presentable, the more likely you are to sell when compared to another home. Adding a patio or decking can make your garden more visually pleasing as well as add value for when the time comes to sell. 

Add a Conservatory

Just like converting your garage into another room, you could look to add an additional room by having a conservatory installed. These can be cheaper than changing your garage and used for a different purpose. Most conservatories are used to relax and sit in, instead of turning it into a bedroom. If you work from home, some people like to use their conservatory as an office. The cost of having a conservatory installed varies depending on the type of conservatory and who you have installed it – this is why we would advise getting multiple quotes. 


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