5 Tips to Help You Become a Better Leader

In business, leadership is a quality that doesn’t always come naturally. Sometimes we find ourselves in positions of leadership that we didn’t necessarily ask for and other times we have to grow to become good leaders if we want to progress in roles – the good news is that like any other skill, to a certain extent leadership can also be learnt. So here are 5 tips to help you become a better leader.

#1: Work out Your Leadership Style

There are many different styles of leadership and the key to becoming a better leader is to understand which you naturally defer to. Some leadership styles are more effective than others, for example, autocratic and bureaucratic leadership are rarely effective, whereas strategic, democratic and coach-style leadership often are.  If you don’t know your leadership style already then you can often find it out by answering a few questions on an online quiz.

#2: Learn How to Communicate Effectively

Communication is the backbone of leadership and without it teams often fall apart. Business leaders often need to communicate in many different ways, such as via email, over the phone and in-person and it’s important that they learn how to communicate effectively for each channel. Like leadership, communication is another skill that can be easily learnt with a little online research, practice and persistence.

#3: Take Inspiration From Other Successful Leaders

Becoming a successful leader is also about passion and sometimes the best way to become passionate about being a great leader, especially if the position was not your choice, is to take inspiration from others. Try reading autobiographies, listening to podcasts or reading leadership interviews, such as that with Aubrey Ferrao, the President and Chief Executive Officer, of The Gulf Bay Group of Companies. While listening, reading or learning about other inspirational leaders take note of the things they mention and use them in your own leadership strategy.

#4: Learn How to Provide Recognition and Reward

Recognition and reward are two of the biggest motivators in the workplace. Learning how to provide recognition and reward to those you are leading is essential for becoming a good leader and will help you to manage a team more effectively. Although you may think it easy to hand out recognition and reward, it’s a gentle balancing act, and you should only give praise where praise is due.

#5: Be a Role Model

Finally, no matter how high up you are in your company leadership is also about being a good role model – there’s no room for the phrase ‘do as I say, don’t do as I do’ in modern-day leadership. Remember that as a leader your team will be looking to you as an example, so if you want them to act a certain way or to uphold certain values then you need to ensure that you embody them yourself.

Remember that although leadership may be innately present in some of us, it is still a skill that can be refined, so if you’re worried about becoming a leader or are struggling to do so, then treat it like any skill and work at it.

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