How Do You Keep Your Staff Motivated to Help Your Business Thrive

Staff motivation is one of the key areas that businesses struggle with. After all, you can control how you feel. You will be motivated to make your business successful, but how do you instill that same level of motivation to people that it doesn’t necessarily matter to? While they may be wanting to earn a wage, they may not have the same level of enthusiasm and passion. Of course, hiring right is going to be the biggest answer here, and getting people that are on the same page as you. But there are other ways you can keep their motivation levels high. Here are some of the things to consider to help you keep your staff motivated. 

Sales Targets

First of all, it might be worth looking into targets. Many people thrive off having targets that they want to achieve, and with that, it can help them increase their earnings. This will be crucial for any sales people you have working for you, but don’t be afraid to add targets in other areas. You will be surprised how motivated people get when they can physically see what they are achieving. It can help them to feel good about their input into their working day. However, don’t be too unrealistic with the targets, as this can have the opposite effect and cause people to feel like it is not achievable. 

Protecting Your Employees

One of the things you do need to think about is ensuring you protect your employees as best you can. It means you need to think about the cost for workers compensation insurance and also how you can create a working environment that will give them that motivation. If they feel like a valued member of the team then they are far more likely to be motivated. Training is also important to ensure that you keep your employees protected. If they know how they are supposed to perform a role, then they will be able to feel confident in the job that they do. 


Incentives are a great way to help people work toward something and gain a reward from it. It might be that you have particular days where spot prizes can be won. The first person to bring a deal into the business, to complete a project, etc. Make it specific to your business. It might be a day off, it could be a TV, vouchers, a t-shirt that has a fun heat transfer vinyl design on the front, whatever you think will encourage and motivate your staff to work that little bit harder. Consider organising a quarterly employee “party” at one of the local business centers in your area! This can be very useful towards the end of the financial year when you really want to bank as much as possible.

Regular Feedback and Advice

Take some time to get regular feedback from your colleagues and employees. This is going to be great to enable you to understand what is working in your business, but also for you to help and guide these people. You want them to be successful, because if they are, your business benefits. Working together and having reviews of targets, feedback and advice can really help you build a stronger team. 

Let’s hope these tips help you to keep your staff motivated.

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