Squeezing the Best out of Your Staff Shouldn’t Be Manipulative

If we were to read and understand the depths of staff management theory, right to the experiments that many firms have used over the years, we may be shocked. Measures such as playing incentives off other staff members, such as having different departments competing for the bonuses may be just the tip of the iceberg.

When promotion time comes around, perhaps these value-adding methods can come to light more. An employer may not-so-subtly hint that extensive overtime is required for the candidates to even be considered for the position.

As a business, you may not wish to use harmful practices such as this in order to get a rise out of your staff productivity, because those methods are quite artificial, and contribute to a negative office atmosphere. Thankfully, squeezing the best out of your staff needn’t be a manipulative practice for it to work well. As a caring and compassionate boss, you’re likely glad to hear this. To that end, we’d recommend some of the following advice, advice that may enable you to understand just how far your team can go.

Enhance Their Communication

Giving them the tools to enhance their communication with one another can be essential. First, you may wish to teach new employees the benefits of brief emails that give the pertinent information without elaborating to a fault. Next, you may use excellent VoIP services www.thinkvoipservices.com to provide you with excellent phone devices, allowing them a range of options through direct intra-department calls or even conference communication setups. Apps such as Signal or Slack can also provide an office-wide instant messaging feature, something much appreciated in 2020.

Brief Them Appropriately

There’s nothing worse than feeling in the dark when trying to provide your best value as a staff member. This is where daily briefings, weekly email newsletters, or immediate updates to dispel doubt around certain office changes can be the most important. Keep them in the loop to the extent that you can, and to the extent you’re sure of a new development. Remember, your staff are not children you have to hide information from, unless it’s truly sensitive. Treating them as working peers may help them provide novel solutions, or at least understand the changes you’re making. That can count for a lot.

Take It Case by Case

Each staff member will have their own vital keys to unlock the door of their success. It can be that trying to find how to help them in this way is important. For instance, a returning employee who has recently been experiencing maternal leave may take a few weeks to get back up to speed with your systems, and so investing in their renewed training, allowing them extra access to HR resources and developing a cohesive review strategy can help them settle and get back to work in no time.

With these insights, we hope you can get the most out of your staff without feeling as though you need to ‘game the system.’

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