Will You Fall at the First Management Hurdle? 3 Traits You May Want to Keep in Check

The problematic thing about management is that not everyone is capable of being a good leader. Nowhere is there more proof of this in many a workplace where staff morale is low, and productivity is down simply because the current manager is not capable of working the role they have found themselves in.

Having worked in management myself and knowing many wonderful leaders in my business years, as well as those who should never have even been considered for such a monumental role, I have found that there are 3 traits which stop most people from reaching their potential as a great manager.

Being a Constant Perfectionist

Though some Managers feel this shows them in a good light, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to do a good job, working this way endlessly and demanding perfection from every piece of work can mean the task takes twice the time it should do: therefore, hardly anything productive is achieved over a working week.

Being an Ongoing Procrastinator

A lot of managers seem to work on extended deadlines or will routinely postpone projects and tasks with little urgency in their need to complete. This usually means that very little gets accomplished as a result of them thinking that it’ll eventually happen!

Being a Relentless Delegator

Though managers do have the capability and sometimes right to delegate a number of tasks, those who spend their entire working life dishing out roles which they would rather not have to tend to themselves are those who would never get stuck in and lend a hand when the time desperately calls for it. This creates tension between those employees who are the ones picking up the slack. The point here is never asking someone to do something you wouldn’t be prepared to do yourself.

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