Four Things to Remember When Working for Yourself

There is nothing quite as exciting and overwhelming as making the choice to work for yourself. You’re going to go from a salaried position that brings you a reliable and secure monthly wage and benefits, to having no idea how you are going to bring money in regularly enough to live. Well, perhaps not that bad, but still, as a freelancer? It’s stressful sometimes!

People go into working for themselves because of the freedom that comes with working from home. The problem is that with freedom comes far more responsibility because it’s now up to you to find your own income and make it work for you. There are things to consider about working from home, from the place you plan to work in the house, whether you need a tax attorney to run your numbers for you. The best thing to do? Research, research, research! You need to know what to expect and when, and below, we’ve put together four things that you need to remember when you work for yourself.

You Could Suck

Okay, so we don’t mean to be crude, but if you have never been a boss before, then there is a very real possibility that you could suck at this! Running your own business and working for yourself may start with just you at the helm, but eventually you will need some help. Why not take some management courses and learn to be a good boss early? This way, you’ll be right where you need to be by the time you hire people!

You Are the Jackie of All Trades

Before you start out, you may think that you can concentrate on the jobs that you know how to do and it’ll all come good. Not the case, we’re afraid. You’re the CEO, the sales support, customer service and the IT manager all in one go. There are many hats in the new role you have, and you’ll be wearing them all. The way around this? Ask for help! Outsource the jobs you’re not fantastic at and ask people for advice. Finding a mentor still counts as a good thing to do, even when you’re working from home.

You’re Going to Be Busy

And we mean BUSY. In the early stages of your business, you’re not going to stop. There will be early mornings and late nights, overloaded in-trays and emails piling up. You don’t have this level of being busy when you’re someone else’s employee, so get a good support system around you to support you. Bring in a virtual assistant or a PA for the paperwork and get yourself a system that works for you. Life will be on hold for a little while, but the harder you work, the better your new business will be!

It Will Be Worth It

For all the late nights and early days, working out the strategies alone and dealing with the in-tray piled high, you’re going to have moments of doubt. Here’s the thing; this is the best thing you’ve ever done because you made the decision to go for it. Own it and watch your business take shape!

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