20 Skills and Credentials That Make Any CV Look More Attractive

Possessing certain skills or credentials could help your CV to stand out. But just what type of skills and credentials are likely to grab employers? I can depend a lot on the type of industry you’re trying to break into. However, the following attributes will generally make any CV look more attractive.

A driver’s license

Being able to drive can open up so many career options. Not only can it allow you to more easily commute to different locations, but it could enable you to take on jobs that may require driving such as being a realtor or a social worker. Driver’s license requirements vary by state, but usually involve passing a driving test – which includes a written test, a vision test and a road skills test. 

A commercial driver’s license

To operate large and heavy vehicles, you will typically need a CDL (commercial driver’s license) in most states. This license can make you eligible for an even greater array of driving jobs from bus driving to lorry driving. You will need to take lessons and a separate test to obtain this license. This guide to obtaining a CDL explains more. 

First aid training

Being able to help out during a medical emergency is a valuable skill. Employers will often view applicants with first aid training favorably – OSHA recommends that every workplace has at least one employee who is trained in first aid. There are several different types of first aid training that you can look into. BLS training provides basic life support skills, while ACLS certification can teach more advanced skills. Both can teach CPR and AED use. 

Foreign language speaking

Being able to speak a foreign language is a highly sought after skill by many employers. Many international companies with branches and customers abroad hire employees that know a foreign language to help manage foreign relations. These jobs can often pay 20% more per hour. Therefore, if you are bilingual, take advantage of this. If you do not know another language, consider taking an online or local course in a language that appeals to you. Mandarin, Spanish and French are the most in demand languages. 

Coding skills

You can also open up many career doors by being fluent in a programming language. Many tech jobs view coding skills as an asset. JavaScript and Python are two of the most popular coding languages sought out by companies, however other languages like Java, Ruby and C++ are highly valued too. You can learn to code online.

Fire warden certificate

Fire warden training courses can teach you how to react in a fire and how to keep your colleagues and customers safe. Having a fire warden certificate could make you attractive to employers – it is a legal requirement for all businesses in the US to have at least one fire warden on the premises, and therefore many companies hire trained fire wardens who are able to also carry out other duties. 

Photo editing skills

Photo editing skills could be useful when breaking into careers such as graphic design, photography and web design. In fact, many marketing companies or companies with a marketing department will value this skill – photos have become a huge aspect of marketing and often need to be altered or edited to make them more attractive or add graphics. You can self-teach yourself how to edit photos using online tutorials and guides or you can take a course. 

Video editing skills

With more companies embracing video adverts and video tutorials, video editing has also become a valuable skill to have. This involves using video editing software to edit and improve the quality of videos. Having video editing skills could be particularly beneficial when applying for a marketing role. You can take a video editing course, or learn the ropes yourself through online tutorials. 

Leadership experience/qualifications

Being able to prove that you are a good leader could help you to get hired by many organizations that are looking for future managers. It could be particularly important when applying to a senior position at a company. Having leadership experience at another company – even if it’s just managing one other person – is something you should always put on your CV. Leadership qualifications are also worth obtaining if you want to increase your chances of landing a leadership position. There are a number of short courses that you can look into online. 

Sales experience

Having experience in sales is clearly beneficial if you’re applying for a sales job. However, sales experience can also show confidence and good people skills, which could help you to be hired for many positions. Sales experience can also show that you have good persuasion and negotiation skills, which can be useful in many roles. If you’ve worked in a sales job – no matter how low level it is – consider including this skill on your CV. You can also take short courses in sales to help build skills. 

Copywriting experience

Experience writing content such as blog posts, press releases, promotional content or news articles could also be something worth putting on your resume. Many roles value professional writing experience – especially those where you may have to write emails, guides or website content. Owning a blog or writing voluntary articles for other blogs and publications could be one way to build this experience. Taking a short writing course could also help you to appear more qualified. 

Data entry/analytics experience

Many companies are exploring new ways to use data to help improve their business. This could include customer data, employee data, public data, financial data and market research data. Having experience in data entry or analytics could be useful to many businesses. There are short courses that can teach you how to use data entry software. 

Social media savviness

Having a strong social media presence can be advantageous when pursuing some careers (providing that your social media posts aren’t too controversial). Many recruiters now look at an applicant’s social media pages to get a better idea of their personality. Having a lot of followers and likes could potentially show that you’re an influential and engaging person. Such a social media presence could be particularly important if you’re applying for a marketing role that includes using social media. However, it could also help in other roles too where being able to demand respect is important. All in all, if you’ve got a big social media following and your content is employer-friendly, don’t be afraid to mention this in your CV. 

Bookkeeping experience

Bookkeeping is an essential admin task in all businesses. Showing that you’re able to organize finances, could help you land many financial roles. However, it could also show that you’re an organized individual – which is a useful attribute in many roles. If you have any experience involving financial records, mention this in your CV. Qualifications in accounting or bookkeeping are also worth mentioning. 

Electrical license

When it comes to many manual labor jobs, being qualified to work with electrics can be very useful. An electrical license is clearly necessary if you’re going to become an electrician. However, it could also be highly valued when applying to construction jobs, janitorial jobs and repair jobs – and you could be paid more for having this skill. Just make sure that you have the right electrical license for the role you are applying to. 

Gas plumbing license

A gas plumbing license is also highly sought after by construction and repair companies. It can show a high level of technical knowledge and experience. Such a qualification is usually obtained by working as an apprentice for a licensed plumber. If you currently work as a plumber or have experience as a handyman, consider pursuing a gas plumbing license to improve your job prospects. 

Heavy machinery license

Experience operating heavy machinery can also make you a more attractive candidate when applying for jobs in fields like manufacturing and construction. It can prove that you are responsible enough to use such machinery, and could encourage employers to train you to use other machinery. There are all kinds of heavy machinery licenses that you can explore including forklift certification, excavator certification, tractor certification and ATEX certification. 

Experience working with kids

Having experience working with kids can make you appear more well-rounded – whether or not the job you are applying for involves working with kids. Of course, such experience can be very advantageous if you’re applying for a job that is child-focused. Voluntary work with kids could be enough to give you this experience.

Experience working with animals

You could also make your CV look more colorful by including experience working with animals. Like working with kids, such work involves a lot of patience and adaptability. Having such experience could be very useful when applying for jobs involving animals such as dog shelter work, animal sanctuary work or farm work. There are many voluntary jobs involving animals that can give you this experience. 

A bachelor’s degree

Having a college degree is still one of the best credentials you can have on your CV. Having that extra higher education on your CV can show a level of dedication and intellect. Of course, many jobs don’t require a degree. However, for many senior positions and higher paid jobs – a degree is still looked upon very favorably.

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