4 Things That Show You a Candidate Is Serious About Applying

Hiring for a position in your company is not usually a lot of find, It is time-consuming and you have to focus really hard on getting the right person for the job, while weeding out timewasters who will let you down and it can quickly become a drag.

To help you out, and to ensure you, at least do not waste any of your time on people who are not serious about the role you are hiring for, here are 4 things to look for that show you a candidate really does want the job

  1. A Recent Resume

One of the easiest ways to distinguish between a candidate who is serious about getting the role, and one who is not, is whether they send you an updated resume that has all of their most recent information, and which highlights the stuff that is most relevant to the role they are applying for. This shows they didn’t just fire off a resume on the off-chance, but put some serious time and 3ffort into the initial application.

  1. A Unique Cover Letter

Similarly, if they have taken the time to write a cover letter, this shows they are really making an effort because they really want the role. However, you need to be careful on this one because it is so easy to copy and paste a cover letter or have AI draw one up for you, that you need to take the time to ensure it has been written by the actual human who is applying for the position.

  1. They Ask the Right Questions

It’s also important that the candidate asks questions about your role and the business, and that those questions are actually relevant and specific. Why? Because it shows you that they have taken the time to do some research on your company and what they will be doing if they work for you, which shows you they have some real interest in working for your business. This is a really good sign to be able to tick off when hiring, so be sure to give your candidates a good opportunity to actually ask you the questions they have prepped.

  1. Follow-Up That Doesn’t Feel Like a Stalker Situation

There’s a fine line between showing interest and going full-on stalker mode. A serious candidate knows exactly where that line is. Their follow-up after the interview is prompt, professional, and just the right amount of eager. It’s not an hourly barrage of emails asking if you’ve made a decision yet. Instead, it’s a well-timed note expressing their appreciation for the opportunity to interview and reiterating their interest in the position. It’s like receiving a thank you note from a guest who genuinely enjoyed your dinner party.

If you spot most of the above, then you can be pretty confident that a candidate really is serious about getting the role, and this will enable you to focus on the best possible [eopel for your business right from the off. Good luck!

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