Believing Your Way to Success in Business

Self-belief may sound like a woolly expression but try succeeding in business, or indeed in anything, without it. And let’s be honest, some people are just born with lashings of it. Indeed we’ve all met people whose self-belief exists in completely inverse proportion to their actual abilities. Sometimes even those people succeed, which only serves to demonstrate how powerful a quality it is. But usually self-belief on its own is not enough, unless you have some kind of reason to be possessed of it. Otherwise it can be just another term for delusion.

Some people on the other hand have all the ability in the world, but just can’t see it. No matter how much talent they have they won’t succeed. They can’t succeed. Because success is a thing they just aren’t worthy of. These people are beset by doubts, and sometimes too by low self-esteem. Success is for others, mediocrity is their predetermined lot in life.

Self-Confidence: Use It or Lose It

A contributor to Forbes drew a useful distinction between ability and self-confidence, arguing that the latter is a motivational skill to be used or lost. Indeed some business courses have a strong motivational element, fortifying tangible entrepreneurial skills with simple belief. At its most extreme end it can be a mental health issue, requiring of outside help.

Another useful way through which to overcome doubt in business is through personal mentoring. What makes this particularly useful is that it combines training in real skills as well as simply the development of the correct emotional attitude. Solutions such as that provided by the Cue the Clients Mastermind Program at www.rebeccamountain.ca/programs/ are a perfect fit for business people who want to combine Positive Mental Attitude with improved vocational skills.

Success in Business Is About Strategy and Belief – and a Little Bit of Luck

Business success is achieved by first having the correct strategy mapped out, which includes of course a full market analysis, and then by having the confidence and the determination to see things through to a satisfactory conclusion. And a little bit of luck, naturally.

A mentor is the business partner that your sole proprietorship never had. Someone to quietly instil confidence by whispering in your ear whilst also having your back. Part teacher and part friend. It is about having the confidence to know your worth and to go out and find it, and somebody to hold you accountable when your own words and deeds fall short of what is needed.

What mentorship cannot do in business is provide cover for a lousy product, or bypass a bad business plan. It is more about having confidence in the good things that you already do, rather than about blagging it when the product falls short of other people’s needs and expectations. And for the type of person who needs a service such as this, a mentor is a very good person to have around. Sometimes we just need that extra bit of help after all.

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