5 Simple Ways to Save Money on Utilities

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, everyone’s financial situation has been precarious. We no longer can rely on our routine to support us when things go wrong. For many women, being financially stable is not only essential to life, it’s a matter of pride. It doesn’t take much to knock our confidence; when you’ve spent your whole life building and creating your financial freedom, losing it can hurt a lot.

During the pandemic, over 40 million Americans filed for unemployment – the largest number in US history! Whatever your financial situation, preparing for the worst is always a good idea.

If you have struggled with your finances, you know that budgeting your bills and essential utilities is super important. Whether it’s filling up your car with gas, paying the electric and phone bills or emergency repairs on your home, bills can cut a huge chunk out of your expenditures. Here are five ways to save money on essentials!

#1: Bulk-Buying

Bulk-buying is often seen as a silly, over-anxious action in response to a looming crisis. You’ve probably heard people making jokes about ridiculous bulk-buyers stocking up for the apocalypse. But bulk-buying, despite the criticism, is a very viable way to reduce your expenditure. Particularly when it comes to pantry items such as rice, pasta and cans, buying more often costs you less. Similarly, cleaning items such as bleach are easy to stock up on in bulk and can vastly bring down your bills. Plus, buying fewer packages means a win for the environment! If you have got ample storage in your home, try bulk-buying non-perishables to save you losing money in the future.

#2: Price Comparisons

Comparing price points can be time-consuming but highly beneficial for you in the long run! Now more than ever, price comparison sites can be used to help efficiently get you the best deal. Some energy companies insist that they are the cheapest and most efficient, but it’s better to find out for yourself. When you’re looking for an energy company, whether it’s for your home or your office space, take the time to search around for the best deals out there. Although you might spend less time just opting for the first place you find, you won’t be getting the best deal!

#3: Changing the Way You Fuel Your Car

As far as essentials go, cars are pretty much the most expensive essential ever. So many components go into owning a car – the initial cost of the car, insurance, maintenance and fuel. Fuelling your car is an ongoing expense that’s pretty much unavoidable. However, many people do not realize that by storing a fuel tank on your property and installing a mobile fuel pump, you could be saving a lot of money on gas. Instead of constantly being subjected to the fluctuations of fuel prices in your area, taking matters into your own hands and fuelling from home is a great option.

This might only be possible if you live in a more rural area. Mobile fuel pumps can be found at https://gpi.net/product-category/pumps/mobile-fuel-pumps-dc-voltage/,  providing an awesome solution to your vehicle expenses.

#4: Getting Gritty

As 21st Century humans, we have become rather spoiled. We are officially the most pampered beings that have ever lived, having the world at our fingertips through incredible technology. Humans are achieving more than ever before – but often, the user-friendliness of our world can make us lazy and opportunistic.

If you are struggling financially at this time, it’s time to grit your teeth. If you are prone to putting the heat on as soon as there’s a nip in the air – resist and throw on a sweater! If you are likely to buy only the most expensive clothes, try to see how long you can go without fulfilling the need to buy, buy, buy. This can help you both financially and mentally; becoming more frugal can benefit a person’s mental health by teaching them to re-evaluate their consumeristic tendencies.

#5: Purging Your Subscriptions

Have you ever absent-mindedly scrolled through social media and ended up subscribing to a service you only just heard about? We all have. Many people have rolling monthly subscriptions to online magazines, apps, games and more – without even realizing how much they are costing per month. Take this into your own hands by accessing all your subscriptions and totalling up the cost. You’ll be shocked at the grand total – and feel super satisfied when you take the plunge and purge those unnecessary outgoings!

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