Stay One Step Ahead of Competitors

Competitors are by far the biggest worry for any business owner. It’s competitors that fuel the work that we’re doing, and allow us to push for the growth that our business needs. But they can also be one of the main reasons that a business collapses. If you’re constantly failing to get the attention of customers, because your competitors are doing it, then eventually you’ll be forced to shut up shop.

It’s so common for small businesses to be swamped by their competitors, so much so that they end up trying to be like them. That’s another common problem that we’re seeing at the minute. Because starting up a business has become so popular, more and more are looking the same. So then it boils down to who can sell it the best and who gets lucky. So with this constant threat of competitors, always lurking, you’re going to need to find a way to always stay one step ahead of them. Luckily for you, that’s exactly what we’re here to do. If you keep on reading, we’ll show you a few good techniques proven to work.

Perfect Your Sales

Sales are going to become the bread and butter of your day to day life. Everything you do to your business is ultimately going to improve, or potentially ruin, the profit you’re bringing in. It’s important to note that not every move you make to improve your sales is actually going to work. One thing you can do, is make monitoring them a lot easier. You will no doubt spend your days analysing data, reading reviews, and altering prices to match or better competitors. But this is a task that can take hours on end, but can be made easier through simple pieces of software. This software helps with MAP compliance, which gives those hours back to you by putting in a lot of the manual work that’s involved.

Bring Something New to the Table

Bringing something new to the table is easy to do when you actually start planning for it. But we find that instead of going for the unknown, businesses follow in the footsteps of what their competitors are doing. This then leads to the same businesses, selling the same things, in the same way. So to stand out from the crowd, you need to make sure that you’re bringing something new to the table. Think about services or products that are different to your main competitors, and try and make it happen in 2020.

Make Your Business Known

If you’re the loudest and the proudest amongst all of your competitors, then you’re going to be the one attracting all of the attention. We’d recommend doing everything from hosting charity events, to going to organised marketing events. The more your business can actually get out and be in the public eye, the easier it’s going to be to get to the top spot. So many businesses miss out on opportunities to make their business known because they focus on marketing techniques such as social media or SEO. When attending and hosting events is one of the best marketing techniques you can do.

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