Protecting Your Reputation: How to Shield Your Business From Bad Reviews

Reputation is everything in a world where 90% of people now check reviews before buying a product or visiting a store, medical practice or restaurant. Negative feedback can be incredibly detrimental. It’s not always possible to please everyone, but there are steps you can take to protect your reputation and shield your business.

Make Promises You Can Deliver On

Customers, patients and clients have expectations, and often, businesses are guilty of setting overly-ambitious targets and promising the world to impress. If your customer is expecting a delivery, for example, it’s better to give them a realistic time-frame than to have to apologize later because the window wasn’t viable. If you’re making promises, make sure you can deliver. If you fall short, your customers will be disappointed. Be honest, and if you’re having troubles, communicate with your clients and keep them in the loop. Sometimes, there is no way of avoiding delays or cancellations, and if you explain what has happened and offer a solution, your customers will understand.

Build Trust

Trust is incredibly important for consumers today, especially in industries like healthcare, construction and finance. People want to make sure that their health, safety and worldly goods are in safe hands. Make sure you go about your business according to guidelines and regulations and ensure everything you do complies with current legislation. If you make mistakes or you’re negligent, you could face legal proceedings and you might have to deal with medical malpractice lawyers or public liability attorneys. Engage with your clients, include information about the policies you utilize on your website and provide in-depth information about the services you offer. It can also be helpful to publish client or patient testimonials and reviews and to include pages like ‘meet the team’ on your website to build a rapport.

Put Your Customers First

Consumers today are not just looking to buy products or invest in services. They are also interested in enjoying an experience. As a business owner, you can increase your chances of attracting positive reviews by putting your customers first and prioritizing service. Think of a diner at a restaurant. That person isn’t going to judge your business solely on the taste, presentation and flavor of their meal. They’re also going to take notice of the service they receive. If the food is brilliant, but the service is poor, you might find that customers are reticent to come again or to recommend your restaurant to others. There are multiple ways to improve customer service, including collecting and using feedback to make changes and address issues, providing staff training and adding a personal touch when communicating with clients by email, telephone or social networks.

Reputation and brand image are crucial in the world of business today. If you’re looking to attract more 5-star reviews, focus on customer service, listen to feedback, make sure you operate according to the letter of the law and only make promises if you know you can deliver. Communicate and interact with your clients or patients and make an effort to build relationships.

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