Need Money Fast? 4 Things to Sell Today!

Do you need to make some money fast or boost your income without committing to taking on another job or demanding side hustle? Not everyone has the means or know-how to supplement their income this way, but it doesn’t mean you cannot make extra money.

In fact, you could be sitting on top of a fortune within your home without even realizing it. Many people accumulate a wealth of items over the years, and if you find that you have bits and pieces you no longer need or use, then it might be time to have a good declutter and see what is lurking in those cupboards and storage areas that can be sold out make you some cash.

But what is worth money?


The most common and popular item to sell when it comes to making money is your jewelry. If you have items for precious metals (not plated) plain or that also contain gemstones, then it might be worth looking at getting a value for them and seeing how much they could be worth. You can look online to find approximate prices, take them to get valued if they are high-end pieces, or just sell silver or gold items to buyers who can give you a fair price and cash on the spot. So, before you start thinking of turning your house upside down, looking for things to sell, or getting your hand stuck down the back of the sofa, check your jewelry collection and see what it might be worth.


Much like jewelry, if you have vintage watches or collector’s items you don’t wear, now might be a good time to sell them to someone who will wear them or wants to add them to their collection. Not all watches are worth something, and some might only have nostalgia value, meaning you need to find the right buyer; however, if you don’t wear them, do you need to keep them? If the answer is no, then get them sold.


Shoes are often popular items when it comes to preloved accessories and can fetch you a pretty penny if they’re in good condition and associated with a desirable brand. While you might not get much for your worn pumps from Walmart if you have any designer shoes, or shoes that are still good condition listing them for sales via social media selling sites, online preloved sites or local neighborhood boards might still get you something for them. Plus, not only are you making money, but you are decluttering slightly, too.

Kids Toys

If you have kids’ toys that are still in a usable condition and aren’t played with, these can be good money spinners. While you’re unlikely to make a fortune selling your kid’s old used toys, you can earn some money back from doing this and help you out in a pinch. There will always be parents who will want or need items others have that they don’t want to spend a fortune on, and cleaning up toys and selling them not only frees up space in your toy box but helps out other parents too.

Before you go out and look for additional work, it might be worth your while to look through what you own and see if anything has resale value to it. Sure, you might not make a lot of money, but hosting a garage sale and listing things on eBay, Craigslist, or Vinted is not only an excellent way to generate some much-needed funds but also helps you reduce what you own.

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