Can You Live an Entrepreneurial Lifestyle in the Countryside?

A lot of people assume that to become an entrepreneur, you need to be living in a city. They feel that you need to have close connections with big companies and that you need to be living in a reputable part of the world in order to be taken seriously. This couldn’t be further from the truth, especially with modern technologies available to us.

So what exactly are the advantages of adopting an entrepreneurial lifestyle in a rural area?

Better Quality of Life

Many people underestimate the quality of life that you can get from living in a rural area. Sure, there are fewer conveniences, but the drastically-improved quality of air, the beautiful landscape and the lack of traffic can more than makeup for it.

Cheaper Living Costs

Living in the city is incredibly expensive compared to living in the country. This means that renting or even buying accommodation is often a lot cheaper, and even setting up an office or warehouse can be cheaper. This makes starting up a business in a rural area fairly practical despite the obvious disadvantages of the location.

Bolstering Rural Communities

Starting up a business in a rural area helps to bring more attention to that area, improving its local economy and potentially giving them more job opportunities. This can be a powerful way to get noticed and also receive support as an entrepreneur working out of a rural area.

Below, we’ve included an infographic that shows just how powerful technology can be at connecting rural communities with the outside world.

Infographic: University of Nevada Reno

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