4 Big Wellness Trends That Could Be Your New Business Idea

The wellness industry has turned into a huge money maker, and if you’re looking for your next big idea, it might just be tucked in one of these.

Immunity Supplements

Supplements have been around for a minute now, but there has been a serious increase in the number of people who have been searching for supplements that are designed with immunity support in mind. Demand is expected to decrease slightly in 2024, but not by much. 

Some surveys show that over half of the Americans asked were looking for the right supplements to help strengthen their immune system. A combination of good eating (read as healthy foods and diet options) and supplements are high on the agenda. 

Sleep Solutions

Sleep issues affect a huge amount of the population. With such demanding lifestyles, many people are trying to do too much on too little sleep. And then, when they do get the chance to relax, they can’t drift off. There are a few options that people are turning to, one is sleep supplements, and the other is technology. 

Apps designed to help people relax and get some sleep are in high demand, and that can be seen with companies like Calm increasing their prices by a big amount. 

If you have a good sleep app idea, and think it could make a difference to people, then try and build something with a free app builder and see your work in action before moving forward. 


CBD is still big business, and that industry is growing in many directions. With the legalization of cannabis in many states and an increase in acceptable usage in some countries, both markets are thriving. When it comes to launching a cannabis business, you’ll do well to have a good team and a smart cannabis attorney on call to keep what you’re doing in the black. 

CBD and cannabis can be found across supplements, beauty, wellness, healthcare, and more. It is an interesting option for those who also enjoy the benefits of these things. 

Home Wellness

The products that people can have in their homes now are as close to spa treatments and skincare chemicals without needing a license to use them. Face steamers, UV lamps, saunas, and more can now be found in the home. The terms meditation corner or mental rest space are being used to describe the areas of the home that people are dedicating to this. 

People find it difficult to choose everything that works together, so curated packages of what they need are smart moves. 

When launching a wellness business, the focus should first be on doing good for your target audience – after that, it should be profits, so make sure that if you are interested in it, the motivation aligns with the people you want to target. When launching a business, here are a couple of pitfalls that you can avoid: The Hidden Dangers of Being a Newcomer in Business | Nell Gavin.


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