What Happens When You Can’t Drive Anymore?

We rely on cars for everything, whether we’re commuting to work or heading to our local grocery store. Cars are a quintessential part of our American way of life – or, shall we say, of a modern way of life around the world. But what happens when you find yourself suddenly without a car or without the ability to drive one?

In those times of self-isolation, it’s fair to say that most cars stay safely in the garage for the major part of the week, as professionals try to work from home. Nevertheless, depending on your job, you might need to travel to crucial sites. Additionally, even if you work from home, you still need a vehicle for all non-work related trips, such as food shopping, doctor appointments, etc.

You Are at Risk of Losing Your Job

Ideally, you should always prepare for such an eventuality. That’s precisely why people create emergency funds, as a way to cope in an extreme and sudden situation, such as finding yourself stranded at home without a vehicle. Not being able to drive around can put your job at risk, depending on your profession. Therefore, you have to think of your savings as protection against job loss. While nowadays most people can work from home safely, not every business is comfortable with remote teams.

You May Need Legal Advice

Why are you losing your vehicle? There could be a variety of reasons, such as a collision that forces you to repair your car before going back on the road, for instance. In such a situation, you can refer to your insurer to find out who is at fault and whether the other driver’s policy can pay for the repair work. But you could also find yourself without a DMV license following a suspension for a driving-related offense, such as a DUI at the wheel – this could even be the result of medications you take. As driving is necessary for everyday life, you can find support from experienced criminal law defense attorneys, such as Takajian & Sitkoff, who combine over 75 years of experience between them. Ultimately, legal assistance during a DUI hearing can change things in your favor.

You Have to Start From Scratch Again

When nothing can be done to protect your license, unfortunately, you will need to pass your driving test again. Thankfully, you can easily practice some questions online using official test material. It’s a great way of testing your knowledge and practicing before you retake the actual road test. The only way to make things go quickly and smoothly is to make sure you are prepared.

You Need to Think Outside the Box for the Time Being

When you can use your car for an indefinite period, the best approach you can take is to find out how you can commute safely for your everyday needs. If you own a bicycle, now’s the time to get cycling. You’ll be surprised by how practical it can be when cars are stuck in traffic!

In conclusion, we rely on our cars in everyday activities. When you can’t drive anymore, permanently or temporarily, you need to find the best approach to protect your income, your household, and your lifestyle. From legal advice to emergency funds, there is more than one thing you can do. Besides, you might discover that life without a car can be nice too!

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