5 Ways to Strengthen the Security of a Business

Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, your business needs security protocol to deter criminals and respond quickly in the event of a breach. These days, there are major threats from fraud and cybercrime, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the basics. Make sure your business also has ID cards, shreds any paper documents, and has building checks.  

Regulate Access

The last thing you want is unauthorized people in your building, which can happen when you don’t have the right ID cards for employees, and you operate from a shared building. Not every unauthorized person is going to be a threat to your business, but there’s no point in taking the risk either. Make sure you have the best basic security protocols in place for your business. 

Take ID cards, for instance. From a student ID card to one for business or official positions, we are all familiar with this basic security protocol. Quality ID cards are hard to fake and allow managers and officials to check the ID and positions of anyone on the spot. So whether it is a spot check or someone entering the building in the lobby, your staff can maintain your security.  

Building Checks

Building checks are another basic security measure that is often overlooked by businesses in favor of cybersecurity. There’s no doubt that cybersecurity is a major threat to businesses of all sizes, but you can’t forget about the basics, either. Conducting building checks routinely helps you to gain an idea of what is normal and alerts security staff to anything that is out of sorts. 

Whether you have an office in a shared building or a dedicated premises for your business, you should conduct routine security checks yourself or hire a security guard. If someone were to enter the building, your computers and files would be at risk, and your business would therefore be at risk from fraud and irreparable damage to your reputation due to poor security measures.   

Cybersecurity Measures

These days, most businesses are concerned with cybersecurity first and foremost. Cybersecurity tops the agenda because it is the biggest threat to businesses in a data-driven world. If there is a cybersecurity breach, a company can stand to lose millions; not only that, the brand and business reputation is damaged forever, putting the entire operation in jeopardy. 

Cybercriminals access businesses through viruses and software. Malware, phishing, and ransomware are the most popular means for them to scam a business. Not only do you have to be aware of how the technology works, but your employees need to be trained to notice the signs of criminal activity in the office. Make sure you are using the latest anti-virus software.   

Waste Disposal

Most businesses have a paper trail that contains sensitive information; these documents are not safe in the trash, where anyone can dig through them and obtain important numbers and customer data. Of course, a lot of documents are digital these days, reducing the amount of paper that needs to be shredded or incinerated. Still, paper documents need correct disposal. 

Most businesses shred important documents before putting them in the waste, which is a fairly sensible solution. Shredded documents are no longer readable and can’t be put together again. That said, incineration is a safer security measure as there is no way to reconstruct them, even using technology and expertise. Use a secure cloud storage account for any digital documents.    

Emergency Planning

In the event of a security breach, your business needs to have an action plan; this is called an emergency plan. Emergency planning gives you the best chance of securing the business quickly and saving your reputation and your customer’s data. An emergency plan includes preplanning exercises, a response team, a communications plan, and an incident response. 

Start your security planning early by assembling the relevant people and discussing what constitutes a breach. When it comes to security protocol, everyone needs to be on the same page. Then it’s time to assemble teams and put the right protocols in place in the event of a security breach. Communications and fast incident responses are critical aspects of planning.    


Business security has always been important since breaches can affect the reputation and revenue of the business long term. These days, there are other considerations to make thanks to threats from fraud and cybercrime. To ensure your business is safe from any kind of crime. Make sure you have a full range of security measures and an emergency plan in place.

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