Unlock Your Super Power to Boost Your Career

There is often a moment in your professional life where you slowly realize that your career isn’t getting you what you expected:

  • job satisfaction
  • promotion
  • high salary
  • personal recognition
  • etc.

Ultimately, there could be a million obstacles preventing you from turning your career into the dream job it should be. But it is never too late to consider your choices and even make a strategic career change

Indeed, it is not uncommon for professionals to head back into education as they decide on the next step in their careers. You might realize that earning a degree could get you closer to your professional objectives. Alternatively, a degree also allows you to transition more easily into a brand-new career. 

Additionally, you can find support in your network. Sometimes, having the skills is not enough to get you where you need to be. But knowing the right people can make a huge difference in your success. 

However, did you know that your personal brand plays a significant role in boosting your career? Here is why it matters. 

What Is a Personal Brand?

You are probably familiar with branding in the corporate world. But most people forget about personal brands. In large organizations, being good at what you do is not necessarily sufficient to get noticed and build a reputation. Therefore, your personal brand is necessary to differentiate your value and make yourself memorable during career moves. Your personal brand is all about visibility. Unlike your reputation, which builds credibility, your personal brand ensures that people around you can see your skills and what you bring to the business. 

A positive and successful personal brand can dramatically influence how people perceive you and drive quality emotional and intellectual connections. In other words, gaining the skills for the job will not boost your career if nobody notices you. So how do you create an unmissable personal brand? 

Work With a Coach

You’d be surprised to find out what result-oriented coaches such as Kate McKay can help you achieve. A performance coach is someone who can help you reach further by enhancing your overall image for increased clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence. Indeed, it’s important to understand that you are the embodiment of your personal brand. Therefore, ticking all the visibility boxes, such as running active social media profiles, turning up prepared for appointments, and knowing the right people, can only help so much. If the people you interact with feel that you lack confidence in yourself, your career can struggle to progress. 

Use Social Media to Showcase Your Skills

Most professionals have a passive approach to social media. They share interesting content they found online. They like and comment on existing content. They follow trendy topics. But if you want to make social media a part of your personal brand, you need to become a content creator:

  • Use YouTube to show tutorials on tech and IT solutions
  • Create short Tiktok videos to answer some of the most commonly asked questions in your area of expertise
  • Show work transformations before and after on Instagram
  • Encourage and help others through blogs and video content

Are you ready to create a positive personal brand that can boost your career? Your personal brand is the key to achieving your professional goals and beating the competition for promotion. 

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