Tips to Look After the Health of Your Employees

Without healthy employees, there is no one there to do the work for your company. Staff really are your priority as a business, and if you’re not looking after them or they’re not looking after themselves, work productivity is likely to drop. Here are some tips to look after the health of your employees.

Be Strict With Their Breaks

Breaks are an essential part of the day because if your staff aren’t taking them, then they’re not resting their body or mind and that can be dangerous. They should be taking at least a regular five-minute break every hour or so. Even if it’s just to make themselves a drink or speak to a colleague, it’s essential. Be sure that your staff are also stepping away from their work desk or the office in order to have their lunch. Some companies have the space to provide a lunch area and break out space. If you don’t have that, try to utilize any meeting rooms where possible that might be free to have as a space to have lunch.

Provide a Mental Health Day

A mental health day is something that many more businesses are trying out and attempting to offer as a separate annual day of leave to annual holiday entitlement. Everyone can have a bad day and although businesses can’t offer weeks, what they can do is give one day out of the working year. This can be really helpful for those who suffer with mental health – which we all do at some point. Whether they’ve been dealing with the after-effects of a car accident and have been working with an auto wreck lawyer or perhaps lost a loved one recently. A day off from work that’s not held as an annual day of leave for a holiday is good to have.

Encourage Them to Take Their Holidays

Their annual leave is necessary to take off because if they don’t, then they’re spending their days working too much and not having that work-life balance. So try to encourage them to take the time off so that they’re not taking it all at the same time or taking too much off in one go. They want to make sure that by the end of the year, they use up every last day available. Unless you want to, don’t offer the days in exchange for payment or to carry them over.

Provide a Healthy Workplace

A healthy workplace is a happy one, and the best way to make it better is by providing a healthy environment. This can simply be done by making sure everything is kept clean at all times. Providing a light and spacious workplace helps and even a fruit basket that’s delivered every week might be effective in making sure they’re eating the right food.

Making sure that you are on top of your commercial energy management, have good lighting, office plants and a clean environment for your staff is really important.

Keeping the health of your employee’s in your mind is important because the more you can do as the employer, the better. Improve the workspace, encourage breaks and make sure they’re taking their holidays.

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