Helpful Tips for Your Business You May Not Know

You are probably a successful small business owner, and you probably have a hundred things on your plate. As a result, you may be outsourcing a lot of your work to third-party companies in order to save yourself time. When it comes to your money, however, knowing exactly what is going on is crucial. That will lead you to wondering what other aspects of your business need your attention.

Here are some helpful tips for your business you may not know.

Can You Get Tax Refunds for Shipping Items?

The answer is yes. They’re called drawbacks, and they are refunds for shipping and exporting goods that were damaged. There are several duty drawback solutions for your business. If you are using an accounting firm, bring this up to them so that you can get all the information you need to start planning your documentation. It will make tax time a more lucrative time of year for you.

Manage Your Time With a Physical Day Planner

Everything is in your phone. Your phone can break. It can get lost. It can fall in the toilet. Write things down. Psychologically, when you physically check things off a list, you feel more accomplished. The more accomplished you feel, the more you are going to want to do in a day and you will become more productive. That extra productivity will help your business grow. Also, if you manage your time to get more done in the beginning of the week the end of your week will open up and you will have less stress going into the weekend.

Marketing Is Free

Many businesses think they need to hire big companies to start massive campaigns that will change the global market. What you may already know, but don’t know how to activate, is free marketing. What we are talking about here is social media. Socials connect you to the entire world free of charge. All you have to do is source and create content that will get you followers, and before long, your products will be seen all over the globe. How do you get this started? Hire an intern for free who has the know-how on starting a successful campaign.

Be Present

You may have a manager on your staff who is helping you run things so that you can get the job done and keep everyone employed. That is great. However, you have to be present. When you are opening up your agenda and marking down all the things that need to get done in a day, make sure that somewhere in your week being present with your team is a top priority.

When your team sees you taking a vested interest in their day to day work life, they are going to respect you more and their morale will be higher. This also prevents a constant turnover of employees that can slow down production. Make your team feel appreciated and supported, and they will stick with you for the long run.

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