10 Things to Remember With a Typical Store Setup

Monetising creativity can be tricky but with the right store setup it sets you up for success. While the setup of retail space isn’t exact science, here are ten things to remember when putting together your store in order to know how to finance it.

#1: Get a Good Light

The single most important thing in any retail setting is light.

#2: Don’t Neglect Aesthetics Completely

While you want to make sure that there’s enough lighting for customers, ensure that the aesthetics don’t suffer as a result.

#3: Care For Your Fixtures

Just because you’re selling things that customers will pick up and look at doesn’t mean that the fixtures won’t need to be looked after. Make sure that any glass shelves are spotless, and make sure everything looks nice and tidy. A messy store is a bad store.

#4: Make Sure Customers Can Get Around Easily

Don’t block any exits or entrances, no matter how small the floor space you have to use up. Keep hallways and other areas clear of items that could deter people from walking through them. It’s not just common courtesy; it’s good business.

#5: Make Use of the Walls

Many retailers mistake leaving their store’s walls blank but don’t forget to use your wall space to your advantage. Put posters up, or display some of your nicer boxed items on the walls if you have them with you. It’ll help customers be able to see what you’re all about even if they can’t check out every item.

#6: Make Use of Your Ceiling Space

Many people don’t think about it, but you can use your ceiling for various purposes. Hang up signs, hang large items (and small ones too), and even put in racks to hang smaller items on. Just make sure that everything is safely placed up there; otherwise, you’ll attract more attention than you’d like.

#7: Use Your Floor Space Wisely

Just because you’ve got a store doesn’t mean that every square inch of it will be functional. Within reason, put items up on the floor too – not just to show what they are but also to save shelf space for other things.

#8: Display Your Items Well

Just because you have a retail space doesn’t mean that people will automatically know where everything is, so why not do them (and yourself) a favour and put up some signage to help relieve the problem? If people can find what they’re looking for quickly, it’ll make their experience much more pleasant.

#9: Make It Easy to Pay

Customers don’t like having to wait for ages to pay, so be sure that at least one person in your store is ready and waiting to take the payment of anyone who wants to buy something. You can never have enough cashiers. Possible questions you may need answers to include what is PCI compliance? How do I get a credit card machine? Are there fees payable to the service provider?

#10: Know Your Location

You need to think about where your store is and what its clientele will be like. Put yourself in the shoes of a customer – do they have easy access to your store? What sort of weather patterns can they expect? Make sure that your location isn’t going to cause anyone problems.

In Closing

Follow these simple tips, and you’ll soon have a much better idea on what to finance with your store setup, regardless of what you’re selling.

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