Study Vacations: 4 Ways to Maximize Your “Think Week”

It is something that many entrepreneurs like to do. The most notable example is Bill Gates and his “think week,” where he spends time away from society and technology. If you have been lucky enough to make enough money that you can invest in a property overseas or in another part of the country, a think week or a reading vacation can make a big difference to you. So what are some of the things that you need to consider?

Making Life Easier for You

If you have been lucky enough to purchase a luxury villa or this is within your sight, you can make life easier for you and have the lap of luxury where you are, but you’ve also got to use this location as an opportunity to recharge your batteries and come with a whole new collection of ideas. Therefore, you need to make life easier for you, but make sure that the surroundings are not too distracting. You could go somewhere that has access to a beach, so you can have plenty of long walks, which is where many people come up with their best ideas, but you also need to minimize your decision-making. Going with a pre-prepared menu or having access to the menus of the local eateries can make a big difference.

Choosing the Right Literature

You may want to go away for a study vacation or have time to think, so you may decide that reading materials are not the best choice for you. However, if you feel like you are running out of ideas, you can take inspiration from the many entrepreneurs out there and come up with your own reading list. This reading list has an abundance of resources that can push you in a whole number of different directions, but it all depends on what you want to achieve. The great thing is now that you don’t have to pack piles of books you can put them all on a Kindle and you are good to go. But make sure you also bring notepads and pens because taking notes is going to be vital, especially if you come up with any ideas that you need to get down on paper right away.

Dedicate Enough Time to Downtime

People going on study vacations may think that they’ve got to envelop themselves in resources 12 hours a day. The best thing you can do is to utilize your time effectively. The Pomodoro technique is going to be perfect for you here. 25 minutes of work with a 5-minute break in the sunshine can help you recharge your batteries and make you feel a lot better about yourself. You can go back to the learning materials fresher and ready to tackle them.

Don’t Forget to Unwind

We can easily get caught up in having to work, work, work. Make sure that you actually have proper downtime, and this means unplugging and switching off your brain. Remember, the information is going to consolidate in your mind when you are in a proper state of rest.

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