Small Ways Companies Can Keep Employees Happy

Workers are most happy when they are getting paid. That’s why they work where they work, but other than the paycheck, employees require other things to remain happy in the workplace. Many of the items on the list are small, yet they are extremely effective. Here are some of the small ways companies can keep their employees happy. 


It sounds a bit trivial, but offering snacks throughout your workspace is a small way to make employees happy. Showing that you care about their nutrition, their need to stay focused, and that you see them as people with healthy snacks can really be a game changer. 

Getting a few small baskets of granola bars, fruit snacks, fruit bars, and nuts and chocolate will put everyone in a good mood. Snacks of this kind don’t cost a lot of money and won’t make a huge dent in your budget.

Keep Everything Clean

Hire a company who are commercial window washing experts. When the windows of your office are clean and sparkling, team members will feel focused, feel the company is doing well, and will feel comfortable at work. When windows are dirty, it makes everything seem of a lesser value and that does not reflect well on your company. 

Something small like a clean window and a properly maintained workspace will make all the difference for your employees. Office cleaning services are the norm for just about every office, but if you go above and beyond with a window cleaning service, you will be doing the entire team a huge favor. 

Offer a Hybrid Work Environment

Hybrid work environments are the wave of the future, and it is a small way to keep everyone happy. The five day work week can burn a person out. Inclement weather, commuting nightmares, and public transportation mix ups can drive a person crazy. If you aren’t doing it already, offer a hybrid work week where employees can spend part of their week at home.

A lot of people are more productive at home and less stressed out. Less stress and an ideal work situation will keep employees working for you and loving it. It will cost your company less money in the long run, and a lot of workers may even be willing to renegotiate some other aspects of their work experience to be able to stay home part of the time. 

Start an Incentive Program

Employee incentive programs are always a huge success. You can start any kind of program that fits within your budget. Employees can be given certain goals and when they hit those girls they can receive things like gift cards. Everyone needs gift cards. They show that you are contributing to your employees’ lives. Other incentives can be an extra PTO day, catered lunches, or gym memberships. All of these prizes are small and they are affordable and enhance the lives of your team. 

Incentives demonstrate a deep investment in your employees’ lives, and that will make them feel seen and will create undying loyalty. 

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