Small Business and Computer Networks

When you are running a small business, more often than not, you will also set up a computer network for your staff. A computer network will allow your team to communicate with other people on the same network, as well as the internet. The network will be used for ease of work share and communication, as well as the ability to share tools within the team.


It can very often be the case that small business owners aren’t 100% sure what they need and why. And this isn’t a personal failing, it is merely the monumental amount of choices we now have. So think about what you need. Will some data and applications be shared from a central unit? Will the network link the computers up, or will it be remote? Understanding the ‘why’ will put you in a better position for getting the right setup.


Before you get your first computer fitted, you need to know your budget. It will be the ultimate driving force between what is and is not possible. Your hardware will be one of the considerations.

  • Routers
  • Wi-fi hotspots
  • Cabling
  • Computers

And then there are software considerations in a big enough package size to cover your needs. You will also need to factor in something like www.intouchit.com for security and monitoring.


Following on from the last point, people tend to forget how important security is – until they need it. When a small business is setting up its computer network, security needs to be something that is built into the foundations. Blocking viruses, malware, adverts and other spam is essential. Having a 2-factor authentication system, secure passwords and a lockable server room will also be to your benefit.


Each computer in your office is going to need to be maintained. This is often why larger companies will have an entire team in support. Most smaller business owners do not have the time or the money for that. More often than not, it makes sense for smaller companies to outsource the work, and it is even better if the company looking after your security can also tackle things like upkeep.


You can have the most extensive, smoothe, and productive system setup on the planet – if your staff only know how to use 40% of it, it is effectively wasted. The training that you give your team should be two-fold. You should cover how to use the computers and software effectively, and the security you expect too. All of your employees should be aware of what ‘proper use’ will be while they are working in your company. The importance of security, as well as who to contact if something goes wrong with their system.

Your computer network will be one of your most powerful assets. Which means that you should take great care in getting the right infrastructure as early as possible, and always keep your training and software up to date.

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