5 Simple Productivity Tools That Will Always Be Useful

Whether you are looking to grow your business or just figure out how to be a better individual, productivity is everything. Everybody seems to have their own opinions when it comes to productivity and when people start to explore this, they either don’t know where to start or can’t find the right approach for them. There are so many productivity tools out there, but here are some of the most insightful. 

Go for a Walk

Walking is the perfect way to clear your head. It helps you regain focus and gets the blood flowing, and when you are standing up more, you feel the benefits because you are more vibrant. You may want to incorporate ways of standing into your working day. For example, an adjustable desk can help many people avoid the temptation of slumping in a chair. Walking will always help you clear your head, just as long as you don’t have headphones stuck in your ears! 

Have Your Notepad Open

Ideas come and go, but some people believe that if ideas are truly good, they will be memorable but we can’t run the risk of letting something amazing fly away. Having your notepad function on your phone ready or carrying a little notebook and pen can make a big difference to your idea generation. Some people have lots of ideas but fail to capture them, which then turns into a multitude of regrets- don’t be that person! 

Stop Thinking in Terms of Time

You may have a lot of things to achieve within a small space of time, but when you focus on the time you can easily get intimidated by how much you need to complete. When you look at the tasks you need to complete, you can prioritize them according to your natural peaks and troughs. For example, if you are more productive in the morning, you can set aside the relevant tasks for when you are at your most efficient. It also means you will do the more important stuff more often. 

Get Away From Your Desk

It sounds obvious, but getting away from your desk, even for five minutes, can make a massive difference to your productivity. There are tools that have been used for years that can help with this. For example, the Pomodoro technique helps by focusing on your work but also getting sufficient breaks in between tasks. Taking breaks is vital to helping you recharge, which is why you need to get away from your desk and have good quality away time. This means not thinking about work, or even talking about it. 

Understand Your Chronotype

This is just a fancy way of saying whether you are a night owl or an early riser. You need to work with your body clock. Some people stay up late to get stuff done so they’ve got less to do the next day, but the fact is that there’s always going to be a huge to-do list the next day, so you are better off having good quality rest. 

Productivity is, in many ways, all about perspective. If you want to be better at productivity there are plenty of tools out there, but you’ve also got to have an innate understanding of who you are, only then can you find the right tools for your needs.

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