How You Can Save on Car Insurance This Winter

The colder months can be a dangerous time for drivers. Snow and ice make roads slippery. Shorter days means more people are on the roads in the dark. Cases of collisions involving wildlife significantly rise during the winter, typically because animals crossing the road are much harder to spot.

However, there are four ways for drivers to actually save on their car insurance as the thermometer drops. Check Kanetix.ca to make sure you’re paying the cheapest possible right.

Install Winter Tires

First and foremost, winter tires will help you drive safer when the snow and ice hits Ontario. Though they are only mandatory in the province of Quebec, Ontarians know the winter weather can be just as harsh and it is imperative to have the traction winter tires provide. In fact, winter tires can reduce braking distance on cold, wet, ice, and snow-covered roads by up to 25%. They also reduced accidents from 16% to 11% in areas like Quebec where winter tires are mandatory. Safe driving is always the first step in ensuring a lower insurance premium.

Secondly, Ontarians are eligible to save up to 5% on car insurance when they install winter tires on their vehicle. This policy has been in effect since 2016. The savings for drivers tends to more than cover the costs of buying and installing winter tires as well. Not only does it help drivers save on costs, but insurers have found that claims are significantly reduced when winter tires are installed.

When shopping for winter tires, be sure to look for the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol on the tire’s sidewall. This symbol indicates the tires are approved by Transport Canada.

Check Your Coverage for Summer Vehicles

Do you have a car that you only drive in the summer, like a motorcycle or a camper? Be sure to discuss this with your auto insurer. You can reduce your premiums by minimising the amount of liability insurance on those vehicles, and even remove the collision coverage on vehicles that won’t be hitting the road in winter. You won’t want to cancel your policy completely, however. Short-term policies tend to be more expensive, so you want to maintain year-long coverage.

Additionally, if you drive less in the winter, you will want to let your insurer know to save on your premium. The less you drive, the less of a risk you pose to an insurance company. Therefore, the less of a premium you’ll have to pay.

Ensure Proper Vehicle Storage

When the weather is wetter, you want to ensure you store your vehicle in a covered, enclosed space when it’s not on the road. This will prevent water damage or rust-causing salt damage. The better maintained your car, the safer it will be.

Compare to Save

Changes in the season are the perfect times to look at your car insurance policies. Take careful consideration in the types of coverage you need, compare insurance quotes from various insurance institutions like Cars Protection Plus to find the lowest rates, and talk to your provider to see if there are any additional discounts or opportunities for savings this winter.

Winter driving brings greater risk of accidents or collision. But with a few simple changes, you can not only drive safer this season, but will actually save money on your car insurance.

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