4 Responsible Reasons You Should Promote a Healthy Work Lifestyle

You’re a boss. This phrase is incredibly empowering because it signifies that you are in charge and make the tough decisions. Plus, you get paid accordingly.

Of course, leading a business and a group of people means understanding how to push them to be better. To do this, you must take action, even if you don’t believe it’s your responsibility. If the tweaks will make the company more money and help it be more productive, it’s your duty to take control.

The health and wellbeing of your employees in one such area where you may decide it’s down to them to take care of their bodies. Here are four reasons that logic is flawed.

Health = Output

The link between a healthier, fitter workforce and the company’s output is undeniable. Businesses that don’t suffer from workers’ lack of concentration are better placed to complete tasks on time to a high standard. Then, you must factor in the level of wastage when employees call in sick. You have to pay them to do nothing, which is ideal.

However, enhancing health means breaks in their focus are less likely, and they won’t be ill as much as exercise and a balanced diet boost the immune system.

People Are Lazy

This isn’t a generalization – it’s backed up by workers themselves. A considerable 23% of employees describe their colleagues as lazy. When a statement like this comes straight from the horse’s mouth, you must take the accusation seriously. After all, different types of slackers will cost you a significant amount of money in the long term.

One way to deal with them is to encourage them to be active. By offering a free gym membership, for example, the boost in their personal life should transfer into their career. Let’s face it – it’s better than yelling at them all the time without seeing any results.

Employees Don’t See the Issue

Imagine walking into the office and finding a key worker squinting at the screen. You’d instantly say that they need glasses to take the pressure off their eyes, but they’re adamant that their peepers are fine. You can say “suit yourself” and move on, or you can offer to pay for a quality pair of specs. With Vision insurance, you are guaranteed that the expense won’t go to waste as you can use the warranty to replace faulty products.

This allows you to make their work-life easier, therefore boosting output, but it prompts them to act if you’re willing to foot the bill.

It’s Tax-Deductible

You saw the phrase “foot the bill,” and a small shiver ran through your spine. Yes, you’ve got to strike the right balance between improving health in the workplace and not overspending. SMEs only have small budgets and can’t afford to splash the cash. However, you will be glad to hear that many of the expenses included in enhancing employee health are tax-deductible.

As long as you hire a competent accountant, you’ll be able to recoup a high ROI by paying the IRS less.

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