5 Reasons to Chew on for Starting a Business in Dog Treats

If you are looking for a calling in the world of small business, you might want to consider the pets market as a pretty safe option to pursue. For as long as people have pets there will always be work in feeding them, clothing them and tending to their every need and desire. Here are five reasons why the humble dog chew might prove to be your métier:

#1: There Is Always Room for New Ideas

The last major study undertaken by Packaged Facts, and presented to the Petfood Forum’s Innovation Workshop, revealed that the market share enjoyed by treats (overwhelmingly for cats and dogs) within the wider pet food industry remains relatively constant at around 16%. This was oddly presented as though it were some kind of issue, although many would argue that a share of food sales of around one in six for what is essentially an optional extra is quite substantial. And there is no sign whatsoever of it declining. With so many new brands coming on stream, the appetite for new ideas would appear almost insatiable.

#2: Market Share Is Constant, but Sales Are Growing

Whatever the percentage share of the market, evidence suggests that actual sales of pet treats are increasing. According to a study referenced in Forbes sales of dog and cat treats are rising proportionately alongside those of pet food in general. Companies like Wonder Chews have seen a dramatic increase in sales in recent times and this trend looks likely to continue.

#3: Pet Treats Are the Perfect Home Business

With dog chews and cat sweets there is no overwhelming storage problem to negotiate if you opt to hold your own stock on site. Such a business can quite easily be managed from home and supplies sent out instantly in response to incoming orders. Or, if you prefer a drop shipping arrangement provides an alternative business model meaning no storage problems of any kind.

#4: For Pet Owners Trading in Animal Treats Can Be a (Paid) Labor of Love

Anybody who owns a dog or a cat and who allows them the treats they love will already be intimately acquainted with the products. There can be nothing much more gratifying then making a living from a product you always warmly believed in. If stocking at home be careful to keep your supplies away from your beloved pet or else you could find yourself with an unwanted demand and supply issue.

#5: Natural, Organic and Wellness Products

Owners are no longer prepared just to stuff their pets with scraps and leftovers. Instead the tendency in human cuisine towards more natural, organic food and healthy produce carefully balanced in vitamins and nutrients has inevitably spilled over into the way in which we feed our pets. Manufacturers of pet treats have identified a large and growing market in high-quality pet treats filled with goodness and this end of the market looks to grow exponentially over the coming years.

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