Busy at Work and at Home: Organizing the Work/Life Balance

Being a self-made business woman is such a rewarding job. Every success is celebrated, every new task or responsibility is relished.

One question every self-made business woman is sick of hearing, though, is the dreaded “how do you juggle it all?”. The only thing more grating than that question is, well…how do we do it all?

For a successful, busy woman in business, keeping up with the many tasks and responsibilities you oversee at work while maintaining the things that need attending to at home can actually be a daunting task. If you work from home, it’s even harder trying to find that balance. It can be done, though, and without all the stress! Below are a few easy tips on how to keep your work/home life balanced and running smooth.

Time Allotments for the Mundane/Routine

Rather than leaving chores and tasks like dishes, sweeping and everybody’s least-favorite, laundry, to the last minute when it’s piled up and seems unconquerable, just take a few minutes each morning, after-dinner and before bed to tidy up, do tasks in small, manageable chunks of time. Take ten minute breaks between office tasks, if you can, for little jobs like dusting or putting away the dishes. Broken up like this, you’ll find that your domestic tasks are easily taken care of and your house stays cleaner throughout. There are even apps to help you learn how to manage your time and tackle tasks effectively.

“The Day”

For bigger tasks that need to be completed less routinely, like vet visits, big grocery shops, doctor’s appointments or car repairs/maintenance, you need more time. Many women like to clump several of these appointments together, giving themselves one or two days a month, known as “the day” – a day for getting things accomplished that need to be done. Make sure the people you are hiring or visiting respect your time (and your money, too) by giving you good service and care in a timely manner. When possible, vet the people who provide you services beforehand – the best ones always provide detailed information about themselves online, as Jennifer Persusek does. That’ll save you time, too, in the long run.


It’s almost a cliche by now, and we’ve all seen the TV shows and movies that make fun of the working woman who Skypes into meetings while at the gym, who has working lunches with clients, and who completes paperwork while watching Scandal after dinner. Jokes aside, however you make it work, it works! Women are naturally good at multi-tasking, and if it’s easier for you to phone into a meeting while you’re at your kid’s soccer practice, then do that! There’s nothing wrong with squeezing a little work into your afternoon coffee, or a little coffee into your afternoon meeting. Do what works for you.

These are just three simple tips for how to squeeze out excess time from a busy day and help you keep your house and your business in smooth running order. The next time someone asks you that asinine question, “how do you juggle it all?”, you don’t have to feel obligated to answer. You’ve already answered it for yourself.

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