Seven New Year’s Resolutions to Make You a More Productive Adult

There comes a point in everyone’s lives that they realize they are not being the best that they could be. Adulting is not easy, and between trying to get the right foot in the door of the right employer and actually being able to have a work/life balance, adulting gets harder! Instead of worrying about “arriving”, you sometimes have to take a moment and make a plan to do better.

What better time to do that than a New Year? Scratch that – a new DECADE!

You go about your day to day life and it’s going well – stressful, but well. You need to commit to being a better adult for it to actually happen, though. So, you need to save yourself the hassle and stress and just do it. Make a plan, and start with the seven resolutions that we have for you to conquer next year. Before we get into the specific resolutions, though, you need to remember that there is no true definition of being an adult. From a professional perspective, though, you do need to have your &$Y* together and get on board with being better day to day! You need to be organized and motivated to hit your goals and for that, you need to plan! So, let’s get to it – your seven resolutions to be more productive in 2020!

Stop Hitting Snooze

Are you any kind of productive if you’re smashing out the snooze button every five minutes in the morning? Nope! You are delaying the getting out of bed and getting stuff done. You are going to prevent yourself from having a productive day, all because you didn’t get out of bed when you had originally planned to do so. It’s no wonder you’re missing out on those early starts: there’s no motivation to get going. So, remove the alarm clock and put it somewhere you have to physically get out of bed to stop. Once you do that, you’re going to be far less tempted to switch it off!

Think Twice

As an adult, you are entitled to your opinion. However, when you own a business and are maximizing your social media presence, you need to keep those opinions offline. Strong opinions make you the person you are, and that’s okay. However, before you press send on a Tweet or Facebook post or Instagram story, you need to stop, wait and wait some more. Are your words helpful? Is your opinion going to sully your business name? Are you or anyone else going to benefit from posting this? Think twice before you post anything online – it’ll come back to bite you and your business in the backside otherwise!

Make Your Plans a Reality

How many business plans have you made this year? How many Pinterest pins have you made to arrange a brand new office? It’s time to make those pins a reality. Stop pinning and dreaming and start making this a reality. You aim for a new office for this year, so make it happen. You aim to buy that house for sale abroad for your new vacation rental, so get talking to the people who will make it happen for you. It’s time to stop sitting back and waiting for life to happen – get it happening now.

Invest in Something

We just mentioned investing in a house for sale abroad, and you need to go for it. You don’t have to wait to invest your money in something that is going to pay you in the future; do it now and reap the rewards. Whether it’s a house, a car or a retirement plan, invest in some good adulting!

Speak to an Adultier Adult

Do you have a mentor in your business? It’s time to get one, if not. The biggest struggle for most people is that they have to ask for help. They think that being an adult means being 100% independent, and it’s not the case. However, you can ask for advice and take it on board and watch how things change for you.

Sort out Your Banking

You’re an adult, it’s time to have your finances straightened out! Get an accountant if necessary, but get it straightened out now and you won’t have to worry about your money going out of control!

Love Yourself This Year

You have a successful business, a great family and an excellent group of friends. Your expectations are high, but take a little of the pressure off and just do your best. It’s going to be a great year!

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