How to Never Miss an Important Notification Again

For business owners, it can feel as if you’re trying to avoid everything. From debt to bankruptcy, the guides tell you now to stay clear of the pitfalls, which is a good thing. However, it can set a precedent in other areas of your career where avoidance is unhealthy. Think about notifications for a moment – imagine missing a crucial alert and missing out on a new lead or client. It isn’t worth thinking about!

When it comes to notifications, then, it’s imperative that you make yourself available throughout the day. If you think it isn’t feasible, here are four hacks that will change your mind.

Forward Notifications

The main reason you miss an alert is that you are busy and your device is in a different room. Thankfully, there are plenty of accessories to go around, and the average person has more than one. As a result, it’s worth forwarding an alert from one to another so that you can get all your notifications to your laptop. To send email to text is an excellent start as all your SMS messages are sendable or receivable via a computer or tablet. Alternatively, PushBullet pushes all sorts of content if you download the app.

Pack a Device

Yes, your screen time will be high and it isn’t healthy. Still, is it worth missing a critical communication to feel better about yourself? The majority of entrepreneurs will only answer one way. So, for the first tip to work, it’s imperative to carry a device with internet capabilities with you wherever you go. Typically, your phone will be the main tool because it’s small and mobile, yet an iPad or Android tablet is portable, too. A charger is a wise investment in case you’re out of the office and run out of juice.

Avoid Silent Mode

Everybody has been there – you want to be productive, so you put your phone into silent mode. It’s great for output, yet it’s terrible for calls, messages, and emails. Even the vibrate option is easy to miss if you’re moving around or not concentrating properly. With that in mind, it’s better to keep your cell on loud. That way, at least you can control how you react. For instance, you might decide to continue working if you’re not expecting an urgent correspondence. On the flip side, you can answer or reply straight away if a crucial phone call is on the cards.

Check All Your Emails

The device’s volume is cranked up and all your alerts are due to arrive as and when they come through. Unfortunately, these hacks don’t account for emails. Sadly, electronic mail often gets mislabeled and sent to the wrong folder. Spam is a place you won’t peruse often, yet it might be full of sensitive data. So, it’s worth clicking on the “All Emails” section in your inbox to double-check if an essential notification has slipped through the cracks. At the least, you’ll get peace of mind.

How do you avoid missing important notifications?

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