Maximizing Your Website Conversions

There is a big focus on driving traffic to your website. Using your marketing skills, tackling social media, working with a slick web designer and creating tantalising content that makes people arrive on your website. But then what? Are you seeing consistent conversions? If not, there are a few tweaks that you can make that can help.


Each of your pieces of content is going to have a headline, make sure the headline is telling people WHY they need something and include it in the content too. Go through a few possibilities before settling on one.


If you have opt-in boxes, products or downloads have them all easy to access above the fold. Often people will click off a website if they don’t find what they were looking for, or if they aren’t prompted into action.

Show It Off

You want to show that you are famous, or at least you have people following/liking you on social media. So let people see how many fans you have. The social proof that other people are following and buy can often be enough for someone to opt-in or make a purchase.

Related Products

For every product you have, you will probably have other things that tie in with it. Set up a plugin that promotes similar products, or similar content – this will encourage people to scroll through what you offer and decide if there is something else they might want.


The more fields that you have on a form, the fewer people are going to want to fill them in. Combine that with being information greedy and having everything set to a required input rather than an optional one – means that people will have to spend less time signing up. Just make sure that you keep in what you really want – which in most cases the email address.

Run Tests

There will be colour combinations and calls to action that just don’t fly. Rather than ditch the whole concept, make some changes instead. Test different colours and see what works. Although orange might be the color that is most associated with ‘taking action’ you might find because of your product, more people click and sign up on a pale green. Consider your audience and what they are looking for.


Social media and emails are a quick and effective way for people to be able to contact you, but when they are looking at a product, it is probably faster for you to answer a question there and then. Once they have the answer, they are more likely to go ahead and purchase.


People are getting tired of the extended copy that is broken up and talks about how you MUST HAVE this ITEM so you can be SUCCESSFUL. Although the method still works, it can get tiresome really quickly. Keep your copy to the point and tell people exactly what they are going to get.


While your best content should be purchase only, give people enough of the free stuff that they know what they are going to get in the paid products.

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