Making Your Small Business More Eco-Friendly

Increasing numbers of us are trying to make big changes in our lives in order to reduce the impact we’re having on the environment. Human activity is having devastating consequences for the world we live in and we’re going to have to enforce eco-friendly change into every aspect of our lifestyles if we want to continue having a habitable planet to live on.

The consequences of our living are already having negative consequences for some of society’s most vulnerable – including individuals living in countries that are being impacted by rising sea levels and natural disasters such as forest fires and a seemingly never ending number of animals that are being affected by deforestation and climate change.

Now, most of us have already started implementing change into our personal lives. We’re recycling, reducing plastic usage, minimising waste and opting for green energy in our homes. But why aren’t we applying the same premise and positive mindset to our businesses? Just because we’re making money from our businesses doesn’t mean they’re not impacting the world in the same, if not a more significant way, than our personal activities. This is why more and more business owners are turning their eye to various areas that will help the planet. This varies from running their offices and commercial premises on green energy, recycling waste in the workplace, and reducing transport emissions at all costs. One area that can have a huge impact, however, is to focus on the products you’re designing and selling and to ensure that they are eco-friendly in and of themselves. The infographic below will give you a little more insight into sustainable product design!

Infographic Design By University of California RIverside

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