Are You Making the Best Use of Your Company’s Digital Technologies?

Small businesses tend to struggle when it comes to optimizing the way they use technology. Most businesses will have some kind of computers, tablets, smartphones or office network devices to help them carry out their daily tasks. However, the average office working isn’t going to be an IT specialist, so they can’t really give feedback on how your systems are functioning outside of “it’s going slow”.

So what can you do in this situation? Most people would consider hiring a managed IT company in the future to help them optimize their workflow. IT companies recruit some of the smartest tech consultants in the industry, so it’s easy to see what kind of impact they might have on your business. We highly recommend that you go for a consultant if you’re a relatively new business that is looking to scale up their business, but if you’re still on the fence and want to wait until you have higher profit margins, then here are a couple of simple things to consider when using digital technologies.

Are You Using Laptops on Your Lap?

Sounds like a silly question but it highlights something important–are your laptops being used for their portability? You’d be surprised at the number of companies that aren’t using laptops in their ideal environment; outside.

Adopting a remote workflow essentially means that you’re moving away from your desk. If everything you do can be done on a laptop, then it means you can work remotely with a few software additions such as communications apps or a remote desktop solution. In other words, if your employees are using their laptop at the office than at home, you might benefit from a remote workflow.

Does Your Hardware Make Sense for Your Needs?

Different solutions require different levels of hardware. One common strategy for startups is to spend less money on their computers since most startups use cloud-based software these days. However, some software, such as Adobe’s creative applications, can’t be used over the cloud and they require high-end computers.

If your business involves content creation then it’s understandable that you want powerful computers. However, if you’re sitting on Mac computers in the office that are used for nothing more than typing documents and filling spreadsheets, it’s a huge waste of computing power that could be put to better use. If you’ve invested in powerful equipment, find a good use for them to make the most out of your purchase. Otherwise, sell it and just buy something simple that fits your intended use case.

Digital technologies such as laptops, computers and office networks can make a huge difference in the way you run your business. There are lots of fantastic technologies that you can make use of to improve the productivity and management of your business, so it’s worth doing a bit of searching around to see what you can optimize in your office. Not only can it help your business run more efficiently, but it can also reduce your startup costs which give you more money to spend on research and development or even marketing.

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