Lower Your Annual Car Expenses in One Simple Step

Owning and driving a car can be a very big expense to add to your books. The average cost of owning a car per year is around $6,000 – this includes gasoline, oil, and other vehicle-related costs. And, that’s the average if you already own the vehicle, buying a new car will add an extra few thousand dollars to the total.

So, how do you reduce the ongoing expenses of running a car? There is one simple tip you can use that will lower the costs right away – drive responsibly.

Yep, this isn’t some sort of joke or con – you can literally make your car cheaper to run if you drive safely and responsibly. How? Well, here are just a few of the ways you can save money.

Fuel Costs

Responsible driving means you don’t rev your engine all the time or drive your car recklessly. These bad habits will mean you burn through far more fuel than you need to. Driving safely will ensure that your car is more fuel-efficient. You burn less fuel with every trip, decreasing the frequency of fuel top-ups. Not only is this better for your bank balance, but it’s great for the environment as well.

Speeding Fines

Speeding fines are extremely common throughout the country. In fact, they’re the easiest way for you to get fined when driving a car. You’re not paying attention to the speed limit, you’re driving a bit recklessly, then you’re suddenly being pulled over by a cop. While it is possible to contest a speeding ticket, the easier option is to avoid getting one. Sensible and responsible driving ensures this is the case. You are more aware of speed limits, you’re more aware of your surroundings – so you notice if there are police or speeding cameras nearby – and you’re just a less aggressive and reckless driver. It means you’re unlikely to get pulled over, saving loads of money.

Maintenance Costs

What happens when you speed around or drive recklessly? Typically, different components in your car will suffer. Your tires are a big victim; bad driving means the tread wears down, and could also mean they lose pressure quickly. As a result, you pay more on car maintenance by purchasing replacement tires and constantly paying to have the pressure topped up.

What’s more, the stress you put on different components of your car – like the engine, transmission, and suspension – mean they might need to be repaired or replaced. Every year, you could fork out thousands of dollars on maintenance tasks that are all directly caused by your driving habits. A responsible driver will keep their car in excellent condition by driving it how it should be driven. In turn, this lowers all the ongoing maintenance costs.

See, it’s not a joke; responsible driving saves money. Honestly, you can save a fortune every single month by simply learning how to drive more responsibly. This adds up to serious annual savings – which you can then put into a savings account, invest, or use for other positive financial decisions!

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