Is It Too Late to Switch Careers?

Even though you might be well into your professional life and you may have even had the same job since you graduated from university, having worked your way up through a company, you might not be fulfilled. If you are struggling to find any sense of satisfaction at work, the chances are that you are feeling unchallenged.

You need to work out whether you can stay put for the rest of your life doing your job with your hands tied behind your back, or whether you need to switch careers. The concept of a job for life is no longer relevant in the twenty first century. Take a look at the sorts of moves you can make to make your career switch go smoothly.


When you shift careers, you will have some sought after transferable skills. However, you will need to skill up in sector specific areas. Consider looking at the sorts of person specifications and job profiles for the positions that you are interested in. You need to hit all of the essential criteria. This may mean forking out some of your hard earned cash to earn a new qualification. By skilling yourself up, you will enhance your resume to make it more appealing to potential new employers. You could choose to shadow or volunteer within your new chosen industry to enhance your experience and make you a more attractive candidate.

You may need to begin at a more entry level position. However, once your foot is in the door, you should be able to work your way up the ladder in a more speedy manner.


Being in an office can make you feel hugely isolated and very cooped up. For many, a desk job is bliss. However, for others, the thought of a lifetime of winters being indoors and never seeing the sun can be hellish. If you need a change of scenery and you want a career that allows you to spend more time outdoors, consider truck driving careers for people over 50 to help you venture out onto the open road. The hours are largely dictated by you, work through the night and you could see a handsome wage in return for your efforts.


For many, switching careers can be the perfect excuse to consider launching your own startup. You need to think about the sort of career you want. You could launch a business using your current skill set, job role and contacts, or you could embark on a whole new venture. If you are sick of accountancy, financial management or marketing, follow your dreams. If you want to design custom pieces of jewelry, go for it. If you are eager to launch an eBay empire, do it. And if you want to go out with your camera and sell your monotone landscape shots, give it a go. You only live once, and you need to be satisfied with what you do for eight hours a day. When you are ready, sit down and write a business plan. Think about your funding and financing and try and make your money making dream a reality.

Forget about staying in a mundane role, and enjoy looking to the future in a more positive frame of mind. Follow this guide and find your second career.

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