How to Justify Taking a Break

When you’re a busy professional, especially a business owner, it can be difficult to justify taking a break, because there always seems like there is more to do. Every second you spend catching your breath, relaxing on the sofa, or calling friends and family can feel like a waste, and you feel guilty for not working hard all day long.

But, while working and working and working makes you feel productive and helps you focus on being the best in your industry, it can also wreak havoc on your life, your health, and your relationships. It’s vital to understand that it’s okay to take breaks, so here are some new ways you can justify doing so.

For Your Health

Working 12 hours every day is not suitable for anybody, and the late nights, compounded with a lack of sleep and a likely bad diet, especially once the sun goes down and you rely on sugar to keep you going, is a recipe for disaster.

Such long hours can increase the risk of a range of medical issues, including a stroke, among others. Furthermore, it will affect your mental wellbeing as much as your physical. By working yourself into a hole, you don’t have the chance to do whatever you want. Whether that’s cozy up on the sofa or go for a run, working all day, every day means you won’t get the time to do these things. Your whole life becomes about work.

For Your Friends and Family

Your friends and family adore you. They want you to succeed and be the best boss you can be. They want to see your name up in lights, win awards, and get all the recognition you deserve. However, they also want to see you from time to time.

Working through every spare moment risks you missing out on the good times that happen, whether these are parties, birthdays, weddings, or births. You will miss significant changes in everybody’s life, and this will cause relationships to deteriorate. While they will understand that you’re busy building your empire, your friends and family will also want you to take the time to see them.

For Your Head

Working all day, staring at a screen, and being on is not good for your head. Your mind drowns in dense and hard details that put a strain on your thinking. You are always working and searching for the next solution. And this is exhausting.

However, you can take the advice found on LCMPA. That is, it’s okay to give your head a break from time to time. Read a trashy novel or reread old favourites, just give your head a break from working overtime in your quest for brilliance.

A Little Break

No matter who you are or what you do, take a break at some point. Nobody was built to work for 12 hours a day every day of the week. Instead, you need something to take your mind off work, regardless of what that is. You need the chance to recharge and re-energize, and this will help you become the best you can be, but also the happiest you can be.

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