Is Influencer Marketing the Key to Brand Recall?

Brand recall is a measure of how well a product name is connected to a type or class of products in people’s minds. It’s often measured by surveys and interviews that ask questions like “name as many models of cars as you can” or “what’s a Kleenex?”Brand awareness is the recognition of a brand and it’s essential for brand recall. People are less likely to purchase a product if they’ve never heard of the brand. Without trying it, they’ll never have a chance to decide that they like it and become regular customers. They won’t remember the name of the product and brand recall will be low.

Fortunately, influencer marketing can increase brand awareness and brand recall. A social media influencer such as Maureen Fitzgerald can help you get new customers, improve the loyalty of your existing customers, and increase sales. Here’s some more information about how influencer marketing can increase brand awareness and brand recall.

It Can Help You Reach New Audiences

Influencer marketing is ideal for helping new people learn about your brand and its products. It can reach thousands of people who don’t pay attention to more conventional ads or use ad blockers. These individuals are very likely to remember the name of a product a trusted expert on social media mentioned, but they may not pay attention to a banner ad or a physical billboard.

For example, a beauty company could expand its audience and introduce itself to new customers by asking influencers who specialize in health, lifestyle, or other niches to promote its products. Since influencer marketing in extremely cost-effective, you and your business can afford to try new things and attempt to reach new types of people.

It Helps Your Brand Establish Trust and Credibility

Advertising is extremely prevalent in all types of industries, and people are less likely to trust direct messages from brands or companies. They know that these organizations have a financial interest in persuading them to use their products. However, according to TapInfluence and Nielsen, 7 out of 10 people trust recommendations from their peers on social media. Many people rely on social media influencers to get information about the benefits and drawbacks of products from sources that seem less biased.

It Makes Your Brand Memorable

In addition to talking about all the awesome characteristics of your products, social media influencers can say good things about your company’s customer service. They can let potential customers get to know your staff by posting interviews with some of your employees. They can also post behind-the-scenes photos, videos of how your product is made, or a story about how the product has improved their lives. Influencers can also give people useful information, such as how to assemble a product or new ways to wear accessories. An entertaining, useful social media post is much more memorable than an unremarkable ad.

With influencer marketing, you can increase your company’s brand awareness and brand recall. You can make your product the one that people choose to fulfill their needs.

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