How to Go About Implementing a New Brand Vision

A brand director, owner or leader will have many decisions to make in a given year, but they are at most responsible for the direction the brand is steered towards. Ultimately, they have to approve certain priorities and certainly allow the better ideas float to the top of the organization.

However, not all priorities are the same. This is certainly the case if you’ve noticed the need for great change within your organization, or if you’ve been promoted or have taken the job of executive, tasked with bringing your company into the new year with a new and visionary approach.

That said, new visions, by their very nature, dismiss the obsolete progressions of what came before. For this reason, having the strength of character and belief necessary to implement changes and make hard choices is essential. This is easy to discuss in the introduction of an online post, but much harder to plan for and effectively pull off.

With that in mind, let’s consider to go about implement a new brand vision with energy, care and caution:

Sustain What’s Important

If you can sustain what’s important to your brand, without cutting it out artificially, then you can retain the core of what’s been working. Identifying that, however, requires a full-scale review and audit of everything within your company, from sales figures to promotional success, from brand goodwill to operational costs and administrative bloat. This way, you get a precise picture of how the business is run before you snip away any of its supporting aspects. That might seem arduous, but it’s necessary to achieve.

Streamline Where Appropriate

Simplifying products and services can be helpful, provided there’s a need for it. Cutting out your lowest-selling products, combining services into one package, and making a modular, simplified offering that will appeal to more people can be helpful. You may even stream your brand image, such as by encouraging a light rebrand, simplifying your logo, cutting out some of the fat from your mobile, and making your online marketing tone of voice more consistent across all channels. This may provide a clearer and better picture of what you’re about, and why you’re here.

Readdress Your Brand Beliefs

Put simply – what is your brand here to do? What does it believe and care about? What are its main and secondary objectives? Of course, “gaining as much revenue as possible” is not necessarily substantive, your goals must be aimed in that direction sure, but you achieve that through means worth paying attention to is key. What are your brand beliefs, or what could they be molded into? For example, with Onsemi you can learn about developing and implementing real focus on a sustainable future, ensuring that the next brands you take are ethical, socially conscious, and integrated into every process you pursue. It’s hard not to get excited by an initiative such as this.

With this advice, you’re certain to implement a brand new vision, retaining what matters, and putting aside that which doesn’t. Over time, this helps you redress your brand anew.

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