4 Ideas to Improve Your Remote Working Space

Those who work from home will know that it can sometimes be challenging to remain focused. Perhaps you’ve tried productivity apps like Toggl or RescueTime to keep you in check? One of the best ways to ensure productivity is to pay attention to your remote working space and seek to improve it for success. To get you good and started, try these four tips.

#1: Air Conditioning

When you work from home, you’ll be spending more time in your abode (compared with those non-remote folk). This means is that during the summer months, you won’t reap the benefits of a nice air-conditioned office space unless you invest in an air conditioning installation for your home. When the temperature soars, it can be hard to stay productive, but with aircon, you don’t have to worry about this. With a cool temperature, you’ll finish your work in total comfort without breaking so much as a sweat. For those living consistently hot climates, air conditioning can be a matter of health. Overheating can be dangerous, and when it gets to a certain temperature, a fan just won’t cut it anymore.

#2: Get Ergonomic

Those who work from home might often be tempted to sit on the bed or sofa with their laptops. The problem is, sitting like this for long periods can end up giving you problems with your muscles and joints. Instead of falling into that trap, be sure to get yourself a good desk and an ergonomic chair which is especially designed to suit the natural curve of the spine. These chairs will help you to stay healthy and minimize the risk of sustaining an injury.

#3: Standing Desk

Another excellent option for a home office is the popular ‘standing desk’. As the name suggests, these desks allow you to stand up while working in a comfortable position. There are many benefits to a standing desk, from weight loss to reduction of back problems and boosting energy levels. When you’re working remotely, you may feel that you’re not getting as much exercise as others, and a standing desk can help you to improve this. (Of course, a standing desk isn’t quite an excuse for skipping the gym though)!

#4: Decorate for success

To be successful in your work, you have to create the right environment. Paint your workspace in bold and bright colours to ensure an atmosphere of creativity. Hang up art-work that inspires and make sure that the space is kept neat and clutter-free. See that your area has plenty of natural light and plants to raise your endorphin levels. Most importantly of all, create a work-space that is separate from the spaces where you relax and unwind. Doing so will help you to achieve the balance that you need.

Once you make a few improvements to your working space, you’ll soon see that the quality of your work begins to improve simultaneously. Be sure to pay attention to the signs that you need a break. Ensure that you get of the house during the day, even if it’s only a short walk around your neighbourhood.

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