Do You Always Get What You Are Entitled To? Seeking Justice When Possible

There is a real big culture these days where people are seeking compensation and claiming in all sorts of situations. In some scenarios you can think that the complaint culture has gone a little overboard, but there will be times in your life where something has happened that isn’t your fault and you are entitled to that money back.

We shouldn’t be afraid to fight for what was and is rightfully ours, but there will be some circumstances that you may have thought wasn’t a case but you could have been entitled to something. With that in mind, here are some of the common scenarios where you may be due a refund or compensation.

When You Are Involved in a Car Accident

There are some people that will probably go to the doctors or hospital even for the smallest of bumps in their car in the hope that they will be able to claim some competition. However, if you do find that you are involved in an accident which resulted in an injury, you having time off work or issues in the future then why shouldn’t you claim for compensation in that way? This is when seeking advice from car injury lawyers can help advise on the situation. Sometimes you just have to decide what is morally right, and what is definitely something you are entitled to have.

Being Mis-Sold Financial Products

There is a real hype around PPI these days and that there is now a deadline in place for you claiming any refund that you are due? Have you checked yours? Many people don’t even realise they are entitled to compensation or that they even had it, so why wouldn’t you investigate? You could even consider claiming ppi for deceased relatives if you suspect there may have been something there. There are ways of doing things such as getting a third party to do it, or for you making the complaint directly to the providers, if you know and remember who they are.

Having a Plane That Is Delayed

This is a tricky one, because there are many reasons why your plane is delayed, but the best way to work it out would be if that delay could have been unavoidable. If your delay is because of weather then you probably won’t get much joy in climbing for a refund or compensation because it is unforeseeable. But, if your delay is because of staffing issues or even issues with the plane then you may have a chance. The delay normally needs to be over two hours and also you need to take note with how you were treated and informed by the airline.

Were You Sick on Holiday?

Finally, the last thing I want to suggest is holiday sickness payouts. There is potential to be given compensation and refunds if you happened it be ill on holiday due to hotel neglect in terms of hygiene and food. But, there are people out there trying to do this fraudulently so holiday providers and hotels are becoming more in tune with it. Of course, genuine cases are had to avoid, and so if you do find that you were ill on holiday perhaps with food poisoning then it may be worth pursuing your complaint with the hotel or holiday provider.

Let’s hope that this has made you more aware of some of the ways you could be owed refunds or compensation.

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