How Can You Connect With Your Customers Online?

In the age of the internet, businesses and customers have never had more access to one another. But with that access, there are also challenges. How do you engage with your customers when there are so many other businesses out there vying for their attention?

Far too many business owners assume that spreading themselves out across the internet is the solution. But the key is to engage in smarter ways. To find ways to connect with customers online and commit to them. Here are a just a few suggestions for how to engage with your customers online.

Social Media

Let’s face it. SEO is still king when it comes to online marketing. But if there’s a challenger to SEO it has to be social media. New profiles created every second, and top-notch algorithms allow you and your customers to find each other. Facebook is still the most popular, but make sure you find the right social media channel for your customer base. Social media then allows you to communicate and engage directly with customers. Create value by producing engaging or amusing posts. Don’t just spam customers with links and information. Create a space where customers are seeking you out to engage with your social media. Then use that engagement to increase interest in your business.


It may sound like internet jargon, but webinars could not be simpler. Webinars are just seminars held online. The beauty of a webinar is that it allows you engage in real time by providing real-time polls and surveys to customers. Allowing you to provide links to your services as the webinar happens. Not only do webinars allow you to conduct seminars any time from anywhere. But they turn presentations into conversations.

Email Marketing

The most classic technique here. Email marketing is still a tried and tested method of customer engagement. This does not mean you should be spamming your customers with pointless content. Create attractive and intelligent content for your customers so that they will want to read what you send them. Done right, email marketing can build strong bonds of trust between you and your customers.

Look at Their Feedback

One of the biggest things that has come about in the internet age is the ability for cusotmers to leave reviews of businesses for everyone to see. Being able to manage reviews for your business not only helps you better adjust the way that your business is percieved but it also allows you to get the best possible idea of what it is that your customers actually want from you. It allows you to listen to them and make adjustments to ensure that your business is always going in the right direction.

The internet has changed a lot of things when it comes to engaging with your customers. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the one thing these steps all have in common. You should be treating your customers as individuals. Customers want to engage with your business. Creating an experience that feels personal is the best possible way to help them do that.

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