Why a Coffee Shop Is a Great Spot for a Weekly Meeting

Whether you’re a startup, a group of freelancers or a small business venture, the chances are that around once a week you will have to all get together to discuss business matters – alongside working on planning your next moves.

Long-winded and time-wasting ongoing meetings are quickly becoming a thing of the past. But, there’s no getting away from the need for employees to connect on a weekly basis to update one another on their roles within the company.

However, with a number of businesses not providing enough space for such meetings, or some employees working away from the central office, there’s no reason why such meetings can’t be held in a local coffee shop, making everyone feel more at ease than in a formal office-based environment.

3 Reasons Why Coffee Shops Are Great Meeting Places

  1. First and foremost, all members that are present here can drink and eat during this meeting! Why not consider scheduling the meeting first thing so everyone can meet for breakfast? This way, you all get to bond over food and drink, alongside getting down to business.
  2. All employees can bring along and work on their own device at a local coffee shop. There are more than often charging points and room on the table for everyone to place their personal electronic devices on a designated table, meaning everyone is included in the discussion, and no none has to work from notes or take shorthand!
  3. Coffee shops all have a thriving environment, and the many typical sounds that can be heard in such places are often what sparks many a creative person’s mind to begin working harder than if they were in a quiet office room. Sometimes all it needs here is a change of scenery to get those creative juices flowing.

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