10 Careers for Computer Nerds

Once upon a time, being called a nerd was seen as an insult. It was one of the favorite names for the school playground bully to call anyone who was maybe more academic or interested in anything to do with computers or electronics.

These days, however, being a nerd is the epitome of coolness. Those nerds that maybe were teased mercilessly in the playground are now the ones commanding massive salaries and paychecks, running their own business, and landing some pretty amazing jobs.

Here, we are going to explore just a few of the career paths open to a computer nerd – and believe us, they are all super cool!

Software Engineer

This role requires excellent analytical skills and an eye for detail. A software engineer will combine their understanding of mathematics, engineering, and computer science to design, develop, test, and review software. There is a bigger demand for skilled software engineers than ever before, due to the increasing number of start-up businesses and the growing complexity and innovation of technology. There are also many software engineer jobs in centralized and local governments, engineering, and educational institutions.

Computer Systems Engineer

Technology very rarely works in isolation. A system engineer’s role is to combine their knowledge of mathematics, science, and electronics with innovative thinking to create a workable, dynamic computer system that is simple, effective, and competitive in areas as varied as robotics, home automation, biomedical equipment, and offices. The number of roles in this sector is rising rapidly.

Information Security Analyst

As technology becomes more and more important to our lives, the number of hacking and data breaches increases. Because of this, having a robust defense against cybercrime is essential. An information security expert is responsible for making sure that the networks are watertight. They train staff to prevent accidental data leaks and to stay up to speed with possible external threats. They use their analytical and problem-solving capabilities to perform risk and vulnerability assessments and participate in contingency planning.

Computer Forensics Investigator

During a criminal investigation, computer forensics investigators will gather and analyze data from computers and other electronic devices to use the data as evidence in criminal prosecutions. If the equipment is destroyed or damaged, they will endeavor to rebuild or repair the system to recover lost data. After the data has been retrieved, the investigator is responsible for writing up technical reports and providing testimony in court. They also need to keep up to date with new technologies and will give law enforcement agencies information and advice regarding computer evidence.

Database Administrator

Because businesses need to handle large amounts of data, an efficient database system is crucial. The information must be protected, frequently backed up, organized for ease of use, and limited to specific permissions and privileges. Analytical thinkers acquainted with the concepts of database design and the primary language of data manipulation are needed, with many successful candidates having a background in computer science and/or maths.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI or artificial intelligence used to be a specialized career opportunity, but as technology has advanced, the number of jobs in this fascinating field has increased. Roles exist within programming, system design, and software development and can be used to solve practical problems for companies as well as consumer products, such as the famous Amazon Echo.

Network Engineer

Computers need to communicate with each other; employees need to communicate with each other. A network engineer works on the organization’s network infrastructure, installing and configuring secure firewalls, troubleshooting, and scheduling updates. There is much work out there, due to the vast number of banks, stores, and offices that need reliable networks.

Games Developer

This is probably one of the most popular and exciting jobs in the industry! A game developer works on games for consoles, computers, smartphones, devices, and online. Creativity and imagination are essential, but being able to work in a highly pressurized setting is also crucial.

Software Programmer

If you enjoy playing around with coding, this is one for you. Software programmers may be asked to produce tightly written applications, upgrade existing code, develop new features, or provide the basis for running external machines.

IT Manager

Being able to manage a project from start to finish is very satisfying and requires a great deal of preparation and evaluation, not to mention the courage to change direction if necessary and to convey it to the team. I.T. managers need to keep an eye on budgets, timeframes, and expectations and understand the needs of their clients.

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