How to Be Comfortable at Work

Work is part of life. It is a very large part when you consider how much time you spend in the workplace. With that in mind, you need to be thoughtful about your comfort level at work. Comfort is defined in varying ways by different people. You may perceive comfort in many forms yourself. Read on for ways to achieve your optimal comfort level at work.


Starting from the bottom is a good place to begin. After all, balanced feet affect the rest of your body. Choosing quality footwear such as SAS work shoes will make a difference in how you feel and put a spring in your step. Find a pair of shoes that will blend in seamlessly with your work uniform or personal clothing. 

When you opt for well-crafted shoes, you should look for features such as slip-resistant and non-scuffing soles. Consider the artistry and expertise that goes into making the shoes, and you know you are purchasing a pair that will leave your feet feeling great, even after a long day at work.


What you wear can influence how you feel and perform at work. If clothing is ill-fitting, it will leave you looking and feeling dishevelled. As you plan your work clothing, select pieces that move with you, such as jersey fabrics that do not require ironing. You can find easy-fitting pants and shirts in colours that you can then accessorize to create variety.

If you have a predetermined work uniform, you are all set in terms of what to wear. You can, however, add your style to a uniform. For example, special touches such as a scarf, matching or contrasting socks, and jewelry bring your unique personality to common workwear. Adding comfortable shoes will pull it all together for a great look.

Speak Up

If you find yourself in a workplace environment that leaves you less than comfortable, find your voice and say something. Go to the person you have an issue with and address the problem directly if you feel that is appropriate. Alternatively, go to your manager or supervisor to report your concern. Advocating for fair treatment can be a stress-inducing endeavour, but know that you will feel better once you have done something proactive.

Here is a video to inspire you on your road to speaking up and being comfortable with discomfort.

Take Breaks

Another way to ensure comfort at work is by stepping away from your workstation throughout the day. Sitting at your desk for eight hours will cause back and leg discomfort. Get up and move around to alleviate any pain. Take a lap around your office floor or climb a set of stairs to get your blood pumping.

To avoid Computer Vision Syndrome, look away from your computer every 20 minutes, towards an object 20 feet away, for approximately 20 seconds. This will give your eyes a break from the strain of staring at the screen while you work.

Getting comfortable in your workplace is a process. It starts with you. Find shoes and clothing that you will feel good wearing. Find your voice, and get moving towards a better work life.

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