5 Basic Principles for Planning a Wedding on a Budget

Planning for a wedding takes a lot of effort and time. Everything needs to be perfect and sorted out to avoid any last minute hassles. The ultimate aim behind planning aggressively is that everyone should leave with smiles on their face and appreciation for the couple’s wedding party.

Besides planning for the theme and venue for the party, the dresses of the bride and the groom are also planned. The bride, especially, is concerned about her makeup looks and mermaid wedding dress which she will be flaunting on her big day. To avoid any mistakes, some basic principles should be followed while planning for a wedding.

#1: Don’t Overspend

Many brides tend to empty their wallets or credit card limits just to purchase a single mermaid wedding dress. It is not a surprise that shopping for the wedding dress is a lot of fun at a wedding, perhaps it’s the most essential part of it!

But do not spend your entire money in a single dress, as that would end up regretting later. Instead, you can look for cheap wedding dresses with the same design and features.

#2: Book the Venue in Advance

Yes, this is the most important principle to be remembered or rather, followed. Decide the venue for the wedding and book it as early as possible. If you think you can book it later, it’s gone. You should decide the guest list first so that you know exactly how many people will accommodate and how many rooms you want. This will avoid last minute hurries and wastage of money.

#3: Involve Close Friends Only

You don’t need to invite each and every person you know to the wedding party. It will just lengthen your wedding guest list and bloat it. Instead, you should focus on inviting close friends and relatives only. It will result in saving more money and efforts. Nowadays, nobody likes to invite a bunch of people to whom they have absolutely no contact.

Just for the sake of throwing a party to everyone you shared a “hello”, you can’t waste your resources, right?

#4: Don’t Take Too Much Tension

This should be followed especially by brides who start to worry about their figure, skin, cheap wedding dresses, and what not. This kind of stress will make you look dull in the party in spite of all the makeup you have on. A happy bride is certainly the prettiest. Make sure that you leave every stress aside and just feel happy. This will bring that necessary glow on your face which won’t come by artificial products.

So try to avoid any stress and start a skincare regime at least a month before your big day.

#5: Have a Handy Budget

The budget should be made prior to the wedding to avoid spending too much. It should be handy so that you can always take a look while purchasing anything or planning the theme for the party. The budget will also help you in making the guest list for the party and deciding the food menu. It will also ensure that you don’t overspend on a mermaid wedding dress.

So these were some of the basic principles that you may follow while planning for a wedding party. Best of luck!

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